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  1. Meshuggah- obZen "We're Meshuggah! Sometimes, we make up time signatures!"
  2. I think that the fact that the Austin NFL district last year (not this year) featured two semis debates with two affs that didn't defend the plan, both of whom won. Against, at least in one instance, a K. Yummy!
  3. It was ridiculously wonderful. I was six feet away from the stage in a small club, and they played incredibly well.
  4. Anyone who thinks that Southern Cal Mexican food is good has poor taste. I'm not even going to make a sassy comment about it. It's just pure fact.
  5. So I'm seeing Baronness tonight. Any thoughts? Baronness- Wanderlust.
  6. JustinP


    UTNIF. It's in Austin and everything!
  7. So what you're saying is... you suck?
  8. I haven't seen him live, but the word-of-mouth seems to indicate that he is either the best show people have ever gone to or the worst. Must be a hit-or-miss performer. But yeah, I find it to be the most wonderful music in the world when I'm feeling short-attention-span-y. It's like listening to 30 second clips on iTunes, but everything segues perfectly and is beatmatched.
  9. Agalloch- Ashes Against The Grain Bad Religion- The Empire Strikes First Baroness- Red Album Behemoth- Demigod Emperor- Anthems To The Welkin At Dusk Girl Talk- Night Ripper Gojira- From Mars To Sirius Neutral Milk Hotel- In The Aeroplane Over The Sea Nile- Annihilation Of The Wicked Pelican- City Of Echoes YOB- The Unreal Never Lived
  10. Financial assistance is available. I'm not sure what specifically qualifies you, I'd email Randy Cox or whoever is running the camp this year. As to your second question: What are you looking for? If you need to improve your technical/line-by-line skills and ability to execute strategies, then the Marathon is the best option. The sheer number of debates they throw you in is incredible, and you will improve RAPIDLY. However, if you feel comfortable with your technical skill and wish to gain more skill in the arena of research and argument construction, as well as advanced argument theory, then the experienced seminar is a great option. <3 UTNIF 4lyf!!!111
  11. I'm still waiting for someone to get in a flamewar with me over saying that metalcore was aight. Plz? Fine... I'll take this into my own hands. SLAYER SUCKS! IF YOU LIKE SLAYER, YOU SUCK!
  12. JustinP

    TFA State 2008

    SONGS OF TFA, PART 8 I There once was a girl named Natalie Who thugged some fools ever so badly When they started to jaw She laid down the law, and now they run home crying sadly. II I do say, this chap named Rowe, a challenge down he did throw. He called out his foes Who looked down at their toes, And the Austin circuit rolled 40 DEEP, MUF***KER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! III One question I have, I must say, and I've pondered it many a day- though implementation would be tense, why not build a fence? And establish a separate HFA? IV Barring Kinkaid, of course. V They could come to TFA.
  13. No it's not. Because it's true. Breakdowns does not a hardcore band make. Freakin' Suffocation does breakdowns. Lamb of God is, I suppose, technically metalcore, but they all have the chops of a good DM band... perhaps they don't blast, but they're still very much a metal band.
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