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  1. Version

    Table of Contents 1. Completeness – Most of the 2NC blocks, including the 2NC Uniqueness Overview and 2NC Impact Overview have blocks already written out for you. Most of the thumpers have 1AR blocks and extensions. Finally, more than 50% of the file is already highlighted, so you can save time highlighting before the tournament.2. SKFTA is a good DA – most of the new uniqueness evidence is negative, it has the advantage over budget and other Random DAs because it is both at the top of the agenda and Obama is pushing. One of the few DAs that actually fits both of those qualities. 3. Breath and Depth – the file covers a broad ranges of DAs and has 1AR extensions for most of those DAs.

    10.00 USD

  2. just find a states cp file
  3. 1. Jenn Armstrong 2. Peyton Lee 6. Austin Layton 8. i don't know
  4. pace al d. gacs pace cl d. northview pace closes out and wins the eagle congrats
  5. it was emailed to the coaches
  6. well.... both of those teams consist of extremely good debaters Westminster AT [4th seed at glenbrooks, I think people expect them to win a few tournaments, even if they are sophomores] the real Westminster JS [rajesh is just sexy, no homo]
  7. victor shao IS ripped - like torn up, and then spit out after being crushed in a dance off
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