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  1. To fundraise or get donations I would go to a local restaurant and try to get it to sponsor the team. I have seen it done with sports a lot. Also try to get the parents involved. I think that parents would be more willing to help the team in any way, shape or form if it will benefit their kid, make him or her a better person, improve their grades, whatever. For a beginning program, first and foremost you don't want to overwhelm them. I see a lot of students get turned away if debate is just shoved up their mouth every second. Unless you get certain students you actually want to go to a tournament almost every weekend, then I would take them to tournaments bi-weekly. The best way to get students I think is to relate debate to the what they like. A friend of mine has gotten basketball players and football players to do debate/forensics basically by appealing to their interests. Because you are young you can use this to your advantage. You probably listen to the same music, enjoy dancing, or whatever else. Also I would try to find out who in the school would like to be a lawyer. Debate and law are very similar. You can get some students that way.
  2. Yeah, I heard this too
  3. 1. I also joined because some teachers thought it would be good for me. 2. I wanted to be a lawyer (but now I am a civil engineer) 3. To meet new people. 4. To go on vacations, I mean tournaments during school hours. 5. It's confrontational. If you're not good at sports, this is the next best thing.
  4. I think that the SDHSAA is upset that a foreigner was state runner-up last year and not one of their own. (Probably would have won if he hadn't cramped) I wonder if the guy he lost to graduated.
  5. This is the wrong website for this. Try searching for an Lincoln Douglas site. This is more for Cross Examination/Policy Debate. Your questions will be better answered there.
  6. Come on. There isn't one team that you are rootin' for, that you feel is good enough regardless to possibly win?
  7. So what. Besides the bubble teams which as of today are very few, everyone pretty much knows who will be dancing
  8. Well fine. The bases reopen, but does that mean that people will be supplied to go to them? to work at them?
  9. With March Madness in full swing, who will win the mens and womens NCAA basketball tournaments?
  10. Conditionality is so hard to win. I've seen dispositionality bad win, though.
  11. How does this increase the # of person in Americorps?
  12. Let's start with the bad news first. Probably the main con is getting up early on a Saturday morning, when most want to sleep in and watch Saturday morning cartoons. Depending on the number of teams present, it can last all day, to the point that you may not want to go out Saturday night (however, once you start doing it, you'll get used to it and this won't be a problem as much). Also the pay is not that good for most. In my state, it ranges from $60 a day to $120 depending on your school. Most of the pros stem from the students. The personalities, the intelligence, and the public speaking skills of these students are amazing. To see kids think on that level, especially at the varsity level makes it worthwhile. In addition, if you don't know what is going on in the world, the debaters can tell you. So if don't mind giving up some Saturday mornings, I say go for it.
  13. Don't you think that at some point, probably the 2NR, that a position must be selected? Isn't this usually the case?
  14. If they are saying you are untopical under detain, then just counterdefine and have a definition that says something to the effect that detain means to have freedom to travel whenever, wherever. Also, I though they were sent to internment camps?
  15. I have to agree. There is so much off case that can be used against court agent plans. The only one you really have to worry about if you use congress is politics, which will definitely go in depth. I might even try XO, that might be even better.
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