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    i am 13 and in tha 8th grade! i have 2 bff's: trevor and bailey. i love to go to church! i am going to samford u. for debate camp.
    i luv to shop, i luv 2 debate, practice 4 1 act play, i luv 2 play basketball, i luv to hang out with my friends at
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    shooping, traveling, bball, tennis, one act play, debate; etc.
  1. thats wat my partner rhett posted! yeah we did get face crushed! lol but the last time we debated a data mining aff case we face crushed them! but we sooooooo need sum AT:data mining! so plz help if u can!
  2. Gosh rhett u make us seem like we r no good! we have evidence but no AT: Data Mining! we r pretty good! well atleast i am!!! lol j/k anywayz if anybody can help us with getting us this evidence it would be much appreciated!
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