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  1. props shikhar/kevin. way to hold it down. you actually deserve your spot
  2. D_Jung

    Nietzsche Kritik

    Nietzsche should never be read literally. Much of what he says is contextual to his understanding of the world and metaphorical. Nietzsche is not as big of an asshole as many people mistakenly perceive him to be. Contextually he would never say that we can just fuck Africa and leave them alone. He DOES say the manner in which we approach suffering in Africa is wrong. The systems of morality and the justification for action are terribly askew. Physical existence is the least of our worries. The way in which we approach physical existence or "life" is what truly constitutes the importance of being. In the 3rd chapter of the Gay Science he creates a distinction between society. He defines a noble caste and a common caste. The common caste is composed of those individuals that are always self-serving and seeking self-advancement. The noble caste is composed of those who may bring about disadvantage to themselves for the advancement of someone else. (This is a really short hacking of that concept but if you have any more questions just PM and catch me online.) The action of "aid to africa" is not what Nietzsche would criticize but the question mark, why. In Beyond Good and Evil, he creates a distinction of morality. He says there is only a Master morality and Slave morality that drives our actions. Master morality is that which is composed of nobility and embraces the will to power (which should not be taken literally as a will to physical power). All actions even those to help others are only taken as an assertion of one's full embracement of life and overabundance of nobility and power. These actions are not taken out of pity or sympathy for suffering. Slave morality is that which is composed of a constant calling for equality, salvation, aid for suffering, realms of pity, etc... All that constitutes our current justifications for actions. He says that the binary of good and evil has now disrupted our understanding of life and that this binary is the constitution of slave morality. The action is not what Nietzsche would oppose, the justification for that action or the process of establishing an action is what would be content of opposition. This is pretty short because I can't stand typing all of this out. If you have any questions just hit me up.
  3. D_Jung

    south tx nfl

    Awty A has qualified for nationals. congrats guys. the final round has 2 bellaire teams going against 2 hightower teams for the last 2 spots.
  4. Daniel Jung Memorial High School 07' UT 2011 (debating) Octos of TFA State 1st Speaker at TFA State Quarters of UIL State jungdahee77@yahoo.com
  5. I'll be debating at UT this fall.
  6. very true, there is great literature about how "serving" destroys the stigma involved with felony convictions and allows for societal reintegration, etc... those CP's aren't very competitive or effective.
  7. hey lee, its d_jung. if you're interested in this argument, i cut the file already. just hit me up.
  8. its wutever. congrats to everyone. in the end, a win is a win, no matter wut the process. p.s. Amy Ho is a baller. nuff said.
  9. Hey this isn't going anywhere at this point. People are just gonna bash on those who pointed out the words and those people are gonna take offense to their personal belief and reply with hostility. This thread IS losing its point. Those who are interested should tell Samin. However, I do think that people should have more respect and should take into consideration other people's viewpoint. One of the main reasons I debate is to open up and gain a broader perspective of different situations. If someone is offended by what you say, just say sorry, correct it, and that is it. It may not be particularly offensive to you because you may not have meant it in such a way, but you should still mature and acknowledge that what others' feel just MAY be important. The last thing that should happen is a gender support/bash party. PS. This isn't directed towards anyone specific. I think this is a generic concept that everyone should try to embrace.
  10. Results are scanned http://download.yousendit.com/8B4BEAB359A45D1C
  11. Rex Fleming Memorial Memorial High School Sept. 29-30, 2006 Top Ten Speakers Division: VCX 1. Daniel Sharp The Kinkaid School 2. Lauren van der Dys The Woodlands College Park 3. Shayan Makani Hebron High School 4. Julia Lovett The Kinkaid School 5. Eric Lanning The Woodlands High School 6. Leah Moczulski The Woodlands High School 7. Mike Gajewsky Grapevine High School 8. Mark Offenbach Dallas Jesuit College Prep 9. Sulaman Chaudrey Saint Mary’s Hall 10. David Gross Saint Mary’s Hall Division: VLD 1. Nathan Abell Marcus High School 2. Becca Traber The Kinkaid School 3. Ryan Graham Marcus High School 4. Todd Liipfert Strake Jesuit College Prep 5. Josh Vanderslice Strake Jesuit College Prep 6. Danielle Good Cinco Ranch High School 7. Brian Agler Cinco Ranch High School 8. Johanna Tyler Crowley High School 9. Justin Bexley Winston Churchill High School 10. Liz Eggleston The Kinkaid School Division: NCX 1. Lauren Smith Crosby High School 2. Ashley Kozna Crosby High School 3. Garret Nissen Deer Park High School 4. Dustin Darby Deer Park High School 5. Noureen Nanjee The Kinkaid School 6. Parker Dean Clear Lake High School 7. Nikki Jones Cypress Woods High School 8. Haley Baker Crosby High School 9. Rachel Saenz Crosby High School 10. Alex Katz-Rubin LBJ High School Division: NLD 1. Alexandria Rhodes Tomball High School 2. Tramanh Hoang J. Frank Dobie High School 3. Steven Weisenberger Strake Jesuit College Prep 4. Eric Hurst The Kinkaid School 5. Alison Suttles Westfield High School 6. Ashley McCall Spring Woods High School 7. Preethi Pomaganti Awty International School 8. Nathan Aquilar Stratford High School 9. Meagan John Clear Lake High School 10. Truc Le J. Frank Dobie High School
  12. D_Jung

    Lost Sweater

    I'll try to find it as soon as I get to school tomorrow.
  13. haha Julian and Tonia are ballas congratulations to everyone who came to the tournament!
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