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  1. ANYONE HAS A LIST OF WHO IS GOING. PLEASE POST IT Up on CROSS X or email me at ABISHAI2000@yahoo.com. Thanks. Or anyone who is going and has not been shown on cross x, please say you are going.
  2. What Clear Lake Novices are going?
  3. Does their plantext or plan contain the Water for the Poor Act? And what was GBS neg strat in novice finals.
  4. What was the novice strat in finals. Who was aff and neg and what did they run. Thanks.
  5. Gwebb

    TFA State 2008

    yea that really sucks i hope people watch them from now on and if they do clip and card then just stop the debate i be like what the fuck i think that definately should cost a team at least that round if not a DQ from the tourney.
  6. Gwebb

    ATTN Coppell

    and Hebron
  7. Gwebb


    even if it did apply process counter plans are stupid on foreign topics.
  8. if you are still looking for one UNT put one out
  9. for the most part multiple perms are legit as long as you don't make like 7 or so.
  10. Doubtful although you are a smart ass some of your posts are very intelligent and it seems that you would go to a nationally completive school.
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