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  1. Anyone have this Aff ... hit me up on aim @victormancini234 or message me
  2. hit me up on aid i want to get ahold of this shell. victormancini234
  3. yo i got it hit me up on aim - victormancini234
  4. come on please help me out guys n gals ... i will give u anything
  5. I need a pomo good file please will trade anything
  6. can someone also hit me up i need an essentialism k
  7. i got it im me victormancini234
  8. The heart of darness file isnt opening for me can anyone help me .... hit me up n my aim .... victormancini234 or pm me please
  9. HEY GUYS, Its joey i was hoping to have a case disclosure sometime soon the 1AC for our team has been done for awhile ... so either post here pm me or hit me up on myspace. Mike you should really get into contact with me i wanted to set up a regular practice debate with ur a team Joey
  10. the us is also making it a top priority it just got approved in commited for a billion going toward nanotechnology research and development how is this case inherent .... i was thinking maybe the ability to test on humyn subjects is less strict than in america and send funds to the university of south africa
  11. Im writing this case currently but im having problems witha plan txt and inherency ... 1 wat plan txts do u think is the most fesable and 2 anyone have any sources/cites for inherency
  12. If I could get 1ac outline + cites from the teams attending, that'd be great- this will be updated until the day of the tournament: A-tech- PC or Draft(only analytics) Douglas-? McQueen? Canyon Springs A. LSA(Tony) B.Coast Guard Please post names for refence during tourny Meadows? GV eisenstat(SP?)/Hale- PC/End Strength Ratigan/(Anthony)- WIC Reno? Palo Verde Jones/(Andrew)- Coast Guard (7 week) B? Foothill Giorgione/Mueller- Death/PC Menessus/McClure- DADT 1ACs will be sent to those who ask for them policyguru@gmail.com
  13. i cut something like this at camp and a author that my k lab focused on was James Hillman hes great... not to mention he writes like a x debater talking about policy makers and frameworks. he is the most underused psychologists in the field of kritiks of psychoanalysis
  14. i have but it didnt come as a cd so u have to tell me and then ill scan it and send it to u bc im NOT going to scan the hole damn camp for u so be specific
  15. hit me up on aim i got lots decew tickner ...ect aim: victormancini234
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