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  1. How good is the food and what is there to do when not debating?
  2. Emma Watson would be a hot debater.
  3. The news is blaming cs source for this.
  4. I'm doing way too much this summer and I need to know where there are 1 week camps or 2 week camps in august.
  5. I'm willing to trade any of the 8 gigs of ev I have for a good kritk of T.
  6. I didn't see anything on the GDI website about hving a kritik lab but I could have missed it.
  7. If you shadow extend a T arg and the aff team drops it should the judge pick you up.
  8. What are some other really good discourse cards to be thrown into a critical aff or a K.
  9. a card would be good but yeah it is.
  10. Did someone write a card saying that if something is written down it will be read and therfore will influence others? A judge told me about this card after a round.
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