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  1. l33t357

    NFL Nationals

    Shawnee Mission doesn't run a very "policy" aff. In fact, the new aff they broke was quite critical. Biopolitics was the advantage. Btw, the semi round with GBN was pretty amazing.
  2. On LSA, the text is establishing compulsory service learning curriculum in preservice teacher education the common advantage is racism, the lesser is human rights
  3. Sagebrush District (NV) Qualifiers: Reno HS (Webb/Iveson) Reno HS (Siddharthan/Kerr) First Alternate: McQ HS (Gafni/McKee) Second Alternate: Reno HS (Medieros/Wilson)
  4. explain your framework? is it aff ballot = support, neg ballot = don't support or?
  5. Hey G money! i just posted cause i saw you posted here, it's mike from camp, remember me or what?
  6. are you moapa valley from vegas? anyway, we hit meadows LSA and the judge kind of said the same thing about the whole impact deal. The thing is this, it varies from judge to judge. I don't think you can realistically claim a nuke war scenario or anything like that off of LSA, so if you want those big impacts, LSA probably isn't the way to go. Anyway, I run LSA with a racism advantage so if you want help with that stuff then hit me up, email = xxssjgokuxx@sbcglobal.net Aim = l33t357
  7. I've seen that funding has been decreased for two of its programs. It didn't provide that rationale, and I've seen plenty of releases from them that say they want more volunteers.. care to link me?
  8. the team claims every card as a separate advantage. But the gist of it is solving youth violence I think... and... I'll try and remember others
  9. senior corps, good call... too many things on my mind
  10. Plan text is essentially to eliminate income barriers to joining senior corps. Ideas?
  11. I'm wondering what's good to run here. I think it might be the planet debate version, if there is such a thing. The plan text is something along the lines of increasing the number of persons serving in the armed forces by rescinding all current contracts for linguists and then reallocating them to the armed forces... I'm a bit confused as to how it functions as well, so if anyone wants to clarify. The advantage and harm is terrorism, straight up
  12. Can anybody hook me up with this file? I'd appreciate it. AIM = l33t357 email = xxssjgokuxx@sbcglobal.net
  13. But if you drop the glass why does it fall to the floor in the first place? As you hold it, it has a certain amount of potential energy, when the glass is dropped that potential energy is converted to kinetic energy which is then converted to things like sound and heat energy.... sound and heat energy is not energy available to do work, and the system in which the glass fell has an overall increase in entropy because of the energy "lost" to sound and heat. In all exchanges of energy, the potential energy of the end state will always be less than the potential energy of the initial state. But looking back on it, your statement probably wasn't in refutation of any of this, but probably in the way Kevin M worded his example. In that case, I would agree that the force exerted by the floor on the glass is too much for the glass to withstand... but I would also argue that this is a transfer of energy and the altered state of the glass is an increase in entropy. And also, his argument might assume that time always travels in one direction, but I've never seen it travel nor have i seen it travel in any other direction. The time referred to here doesn't operate in any practicaly or tangible sense, either.... the time we use day to day is just arbitrarily chosen units for shit
  14. l33t357

    How do you flow?

    Ummm, well on aff I have the aff preflowed on legal size paper, one piece of paper for each observation... and on neg I flow as little as possible as the 1NC. My 2N flows all off case on separate pieces of paper and case on seperate too I think... oh and vertically
  15. So let me get this straight.... say the next case the SC heard was on capital punishment, you would be like "patriot act 213 is unconstitutional..."
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