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  1. I understand the argument, and you won't really get it from me. All I'm saying is that you shoudn't generalize smalls school debaters as bad, because there are some who aren't. I agree and comletely understand that the people winning 4A-5A UIL are TFA debaters. The thing that we run into, as a small school debater, is the fact that we don't have tfa judges all year. We debate for grandma and grandpa, and old speech coach after old speech coach. We then head for Austin and have a completely different judging pool (sort of). I'm not saying that UIL debaters are better than TFA debaters, because if I were to bet, they aren't. I'm just saying, don't generalize small schools as bad, because not all of them are.
  2. I guess it really depends upon what you consider skill.
  3. I understand what you're saying, but it's not primarily true. I've seen some very outstanding small school debaters. I know it really depends upon the year, but I've seen some good teams, that I'm sure have put in a lot of time. I've also seen some terrible teams, but do you not see that in TFA too?
  4. i think someone should make a graph showing the # of college judges in realationship to the quality of the tournament. it would be good.
  5. this is monday and tuesday for 1a-3a, or 2a. i'm not sure. anyone have the balls to predict winners in small school UIL lol
  6. yeah i agree. UIL doesn't necessarily sanction those rules, other than closed cx. I think they also oficially "look down upon" speed. But truthfully, you can win with a topical counterplan, and you can win with speed. Generally though, the UIL cx community looks down on stuff like that. I really think it's changing though. My coach, who for the longest time swore she was a stock issues judge, will probably buy anything. I guess i've trained her, but as far as conditional arguments, counterplans, and kritiks go, she'll listen to them at least now. I think UIL is like it is because of the judging pool. It's made of mostly coaches. They want us to debate how they debated. I really can't wait to see what UIL will be like in 10 years, it should be interesting. I think UIL will always be behind because of this, but who knows. Maybe there is still hope.
  7. http://utdirect.utexas.edu/uil/mlc2_pub_meet_list.WBX
  8. Post winnings by district and classification. District 1-2A: 1. Panhandle Ewing/Hillhouse 2. Panhandle Gabel/Young
  9. I can't find it. I mean, I searched the forums, CC website, etc. If someone could redirect me, or giv e ma a card I would appreciate it very very much.
  10. Has anyone hear about the use of drugs in debates? Specifically Attention Deficit Drugs. Adderall possibly? Cocaine? I've heard that some people use them to focus better.
  11. http://www.cnn.com/2006/US/11/08/rumsfeld.profile/
  12. the cp was run as an K alt. the perm creates a problem. there will be no straights in the military. all the people in the military will be gay. which theoretically destroys your heterosexism advantage still, because now you have a whole different problem. Homosexism. i dont think the perm would work just because of that fact. with the heterosexism advantage, you argue that you want a balance, everything should be equal. If it's not equal , its bad. so if you permed it, it still wouldnt be equal. Straights would be looked down upon because the military idolizes homosexuals, creating homosexism. or something like that ^ graham p.s. equal refers to gays and straights being looked at in the same way, not bad, not good.
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