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  1. Does anybody have results for this tournament?
  2. Find out what ASPEC and OSPEC mean before you go to a tournament. It's a simple argument to understand. But it's so hard to catch on, if you don't know the argument before hand. While that's true for many arguments, it's the thing that really stuck out in my mind as a novice.
  3. Ok, so I've been searching around for the forum about Michigan Novice States. I know it was this weekend Maybe I'm just really bad at looking for stuff? If I'm just half blind, and didn't see the forum please redirect me there. If not, does anybody have the results of the tournament?
  4. Anybody have the results so far?
  5. Wait, could you explain more? Maybe I'm just not catching something...
  6. I know this probably won't happen. But Health Care would be really interesting if Romney became President. ...Or it might just destroy a lot of differnt topics. WHatever happened to the Trading Resolution?
  7. Why couldn't Colbert run on the Republican ticket?
  8. Overview


    must be a long tournament, anybody care to post the results? Oh, my bad, didn't see the post above me
  9. I guess it may be a little early, but Does anybody have the results?
  10. In my opinion it'll depend on which Rex Grossman shows up to play, if he can run the offense smoothly, while the Bear's defense shuts down either Manning, or the running game, Bears will win.
  11. Politics would be awesome on this, passing the draft, would screw the Democrats over, turnign all public opinion against them, and destory Congress popularity
  12. Search Coast Guard Recruitment, from what I've seen this is really Non-inherent right now, seeing that coast guard just finalized recuriting for this year, and theyré supposedly off the charts
  13. Overview


    I heard she said she was the "most powerful woman in the world" Does anybody know if she's running for president?
  14. Do judges these days view permutation legitimacy as textual or functional competition?
  15. How would Iran strikes link to the resolutions that are presented?
  16. I find it very interesting to listen to left advocacies. This is becuase the more left we gothe more interesting the different viewpoints get, while I fidn the right really dull, with teh same arguments over and over. But I'm going to be the annoying guy and say I'm a Centrist. Just curious, any Liberterian debaters out there, that love Objectivism?
  17. What does the "other" K say? Is it kind of like otherization/racism type deal? But then again... how would capitalism link to that? Please explain
  18. I think the empire and Gift Kritiks are also very popular K's I've seen run this year. a lot of differnt plans link to these. (Empire K as in expansion or natioanl identity, severly link to military cases, and also any immigration plans)
  19. I'd really hate to see the T debates of seeing what coutnry is part of Sub-Sahran Africa, and what countries anre't part of the cultural region. Perhaps my perception on the types of plans is incorrect, but i really wouldn't want to see those debates.
  20. So much for that one being cocky definetly is not a good aspect in debate
  21. wait, I thought this was Novice prelims weekend?
  22. I'm a little confused. How do you perm agent counterplans, such as Pocket Veto, Courts, Lopez or w/e? I don't quite understand how you can have permutations against these type of arguments. Could anybody help me with this concept?
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