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  1. if i was bush i'd get treatment for down's syndrome
  2. ddi is the best i can think of in the east coast. my opinion is that location shouldn't really matter since you're probably still going to be paying for board. other good choices Michigan Gonzaga UNT SDI Northwestern UTNIF (if you like kritiks)
  3. how does one perm terror talk, etc. that link off of in round discourse....doesn't seem like it makes much sense to me
  4. my main question is about criticisms not operating in the world of fiat. for me, it's a question of endorsing the 1ac and the alternative, not the plan. just curious on how this exactly works.
  5. how do they work? since ks arent grounded in fiat, how exactly does a perm function...there hasn't been a lot of answers to this, most aff teams are just PERM: DO BOTH, and that's all i hear. how does one answer the double bind argument that either a) k doesn't solve or k overcomes link to plan, justifying the perm
  6. asher haig...i guess? he gets cards from random authors supporting this framework, not sure which, i have to look it up
  7. anybody care to explain it? (if you don't know what i'm talking about it's the framework proposed by the queering the military aff)
  8. http://www.cross-x.com/vb/showpost.php?p=1332480&postcount=119
  9. how good do the cards need to be? of course they should be as specific as possible, but there's definitely more flexbility for critical affs...just looking for opinions on how generic is too generic
  10. shredder480


    In my opinion, it is one of the most fun debates to have, what do you all think of it? Is it as responsive as people claim it is and how is it responsive to specific criticisms?
  11. uh GAUM ben or ah gaum BEN
  12. are there any good books on realism beside mearsheimer/murray/guzzini
  13. can anyone get me the article SYMPOSIUM: A CRITIQUE OF RIGHTS: The Phenomenology of Rights-Consciousness and the Pact of the Withdrawn Selves by Peter Gable on lexis nexis?
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