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  1. Well the problem with this card AND reading Zizek is that Johnston and Zizek don't agree...
  2. One of the requirements of a ghost bid is that you win a round before the bid round. Because Matt walked over Joe in the first outround, he does not receive a ghost bid.
  3. Way to steal what I totally told you online 2 hours ago Brohan.
  4. I'll agree with that. And no, I stay home and cut cards.
  5. Oh and I believe the RNC will feel like they've been fucked by a train by the time they leave the Twin Cities. And half of my friends will be in the Ramsey County Jail. Whoooo...
  6. Does anyone else think this might be the result of hippies being stupid? I'm definitely not the biggest fan of the state and I welcome the possibility that I could be wrong but if you carry rocks and other violent looking objects toward guys with BIG FUCKING STICKS AND SHIELDS aren't you welcoming the possibility that you will get fucked up? I'm not exactly familiar with Denver traffic law, but they are being charged of obstruction of roads, petty, but a crime. Worthy of pepper spray? Probably not. Obstruction of rights? Probably. Could they have avoided it by being a little less frightening? I think so. Again, not saying that they weren't justified, but lets think twice before we cry wolf.
  7. We couldn't find my cooler when we were having a party about a week ago. So my debate partner and I went and emptied the files in our aff tub into a store room and then filled the tub with ice and drinks.
  8. Actually WE read it. Hence the "my aff" above. And the link to the wikispace of our aff from the TOC caselist.
  9. Hmmm...threads like this make me think I should go to this site more... thanks for discussing strategies against my aff in the open, even if it is pointless now. I also really wish that we had debated some of you people, as I don't think anyone here seems to have a cohesive strat against this aff.
  10. Specific consult CP's. That'll be the day. If you are facing a decent team and are going for a consult CP, you're probably not going to lose on their specific Mexico will say no evi, but you will lose on the uber generic Perm: Do CP and consult illigit. And no amount of specific lit of the net benefit checks unpredictable countries bullshit args will beat decent teams. My advice? Cut it as a relations DA.
  11. policygnat

    Worst Bands

    White Flight. I am sincerely sorry to anyone who has ever had to listen to them. I want those several minutes of my life back.
  12. With no comparative analysis from either team I'd vote neg on presumption. It's the affs burden to be topical, so therefore it's their burden to explain why other stuff supersedes that. That being said, conditionality is really bad.
  13. policygnat


    Qrs were: GHill BL d. Groves BG HP GO d. Wayzata BS GBS LP d. ????? RHSM BL d. GHill RR
  14. Hmmmm, well after hearing Karlson's 2AR's you do really want to mount him.... I'm very surprised this didn't happen sooner. Youtube is a new development though.
  15. Just call him Boogie Noogie.
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