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  1. Perhaps this may be the answer you're looking for (from the GHSA website): All debaters at the State Debate Tournament must participate in the three (3) required regular season tournaments and there will be no substitutions in the debate team that accumulated the points for advancement to the State Tournament. Hope that helps.
  2. If you're referring to Varsity, then that can't be true. I don't know what their record was, but if they were 4-1 then they would've broke. Now if you were referring to JV, then that's another story...
  3. I have Wake Forest Policy Project to trade for other camp files. I've already got: Miami Ohio Stanford UNT Michigan DDI I'll pretty much take anything. Email me at thefifthace12345@gmail.com.
  4. There a novice open ( restrictions don't apply) and a novice Georgia rules (that one's self explanatory). That's what i heard, but i'd verify that to be sure.
  5. Jesus Christ I'm sorry. I'm new to this stuff. Sorry if I said something blantly obvious.
  6. I have an ASPEC that says in addition to ground loss and all that stuff that go along with ASPEC that it also makes a team not specing untopical.
  7. I know this isn't what the topic of the thread was about, but can someone explain to me how using the Executive as your actor makes you not-topical?
  8. First thing I see is no agent specified. That's easily fixed though by inserting something like "pass legislation" in front of "eliminating", or saying after "United States federal government", "specifically Congress" (I assume you're using congress)
  9. I've seen some Soft Power Advantages for this case. However the links seemed pretty generic... Then again maybe that was your point...
  10. I have a question, pardon me if I sound dumb, but is "Open" JV and Varsity? Or Just JV? It would help determining what division I'd go into.
  11. Nope. State points end after Milton, if i recall.
  12. I think its counted as an IE entry.
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