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  1. You have had the most intelligent post of all. Elderscrolls series trumps all And how did DDR make the cut?
  2. stud


    does any one have neg files for the no child left behind act forcing student lists from highschools for military recruiting use. The program is called JAMRS and i have no evidence.
  3. merely state the Aff lacks sufficient resolve to enact plan cite sloppy handwriting, lackluster appearance, unmotivated mood, etc.
  4. i have yet to face this case, so I have no Idea what to run. if the neg is written into briefs that would be great I have mich 7 week U of Chicago big book of impacts other assorted files pm me
  5. haha i dont (sadness) send it to superfox101@yahoo.com thanx
  6. i need sexual misconduct also. I need it so bad it hurts.
  7. should past tense of shall if the plan does not act in the past then it cannot be topical
  8. severance perms are usually illegit, but as abusive as a consult CP is, I don't see how such a perm would not be allowed in round
  9. I encourage neg to run consult Cp Aff strat: perm If the consult says yes, then not competative If consult says no, then the advantages of 1AC not gained by CP Thus the CP (Japan US relations or whatever the scenario is) must outweight the advantages of the 1AC This would be very hard to do, and is why the 1AC must have at least 5 winning advantages (extinction, moral imperative, liberty versus security, ethical value, etc.) It is also why the consult CP is a load of shit, has anyone seriously ever won on this shit?
  10. and thats why he had to be killed. He was too powerful in the country let alone LA, so he was murdered for his popular populist ideas. (RATM, Wake up) He was like the son of Ultra Jesus (uncyclopedia.com) and chuck norris. All of this and I live in kansas Still he was an ugly bastard
  11. Wrong again my feathered friends. Ex Ren is legal due to the series of Justice department memos by our good friend John Yoo. This series of internal memos along with Presidential Decision Derective 39 (among others) grants the legal authority for Extraordinary Rendition. Thus by banning the process this created legal authority no longer exists and the case becomes topical.
  12. the old bitch might not have answered all the arguments that the debaters made, but that doesnt matter. Think of those who make the decisions as lay judges. They will vote for their preconcieved notions and not listen to any reasoning they haven't already thought of. I don't know if the speeches made a difference, in the actual decision, but I would guess that the intelectual exclusion and isolationism used by most of those who hold power over our education prohibited real change.
  13. There are several things wrong with this argument (I run ex ren and I have never lost on this T vio) 1) The US government must first detain these individuals and assess them before sending them to a third party 2) Ex Ren is the entire process of capturing (detention), transfering (detention on an airplane), and then holding them in another country(detention) 3) US is still liable for these detentions in 3rd party countries, (if you can't find the evidence, look harder), becuase these nations are holding these prisioners at our request, create false charges on our behalf, and interogate them with our list of questions. Simply, the detainees would not be detained if it were not for US intervention Furthermore, what convincing voters can you put on so weak a violation. Has this ever won for anybody. Seriously? What you really want to run the T vio on is "USFG" (pronounced uss fagah), that the party holding these detainees is not the USFG gov but another country. Voters= fairness (ground) and extra T This is still a weak argument, has some merits.
  14. stud

    Zizek! Screenings

    you guys can't be serious about zizek. He was dead halfway through the season. You would really have to be an idiot not to have some block written up on z man even if you are a terrible team. As much as Zizek is generic to this years topic, his answers are as well. The team running zizek would have to be far better than the opposing team to win with it, and thus could probably win with something else anyway (8 min I?)
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