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  1. let's not make this a "repeat the decent debaters from my school" post... We're talking top national debaters with legitimate, consistent success in and out of the Northeast. I wouldn't put most of the names here in that category, though most are close I'm sure.
  2. Any good stories? Just naming names isn't so hot. I'll definitely add Kernoff to my original list.
  3. Let's talk about the best debaters the northeast has put out since 2000? Any thoughts? I'll toss some out there: Alex Gomelsky (Bergenfield) Dan Ballen (Edgemont) Raiid Ahmad (Edgemont) Ben Collins (Lexington) Eli Kaplan (GDS) Mike Gentille (GDS) Kacey Wolmer (Stuyvesant) Discusssss. Anyone seen these people debate? good storieS?
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