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  1. I'm in the process of getting all the logistical details in place to have a Performance Round Robin in Baltimore at the end of May. This is an open call to the community to see if others are interested in participating in the Round Robin. We have preliminary responses from Beacon, MCA, Baltimore Talent, Centennial, Millard South, GDS and others who want to attend. If you're interested and want more details, private message me on Cross-x.com or e-mail me at scott.brown40@gmail.com. Thanks Scott Brown
  2. In most states (and I assume Kentucky), you must have parental consent to record minors. I have parental consent from those debaters who attended the Harvard RR and will do my best to video record rounds that involve these debaters. Prelims are held on the campus and I am not sure if the campus has any video recording policies. Elims are held at the hotel. I will call them before the tournament to see if they have an independent policy. People have recorded the TOC and other tournaments before, but probably not in a way that is "legal". It would be nice to see the community move towards a sustainable video recording model.
  3. Pretty similar to all the video debates you'll do at the Digital Debate Camp, just in a tournament style format. If you're really interested, check out the current Annenburg debates that are currently hosted by USC/DebateHall. If you don't know what this is, shoot my a PM or e-mail [info@debatetub.com] and I'll give you a more in-depth response. Scott
  4. The $350 dollar deal still stands at the moment. If you refer two people, you get half off tuition. If you refer three people, you go to camp for free. Each debater must have their own account. We have deals for bulk membership, but these are on a case-by-case basis. Inquire at info@debatetub.com for more information. Scott
  5. @FlowsLikeWater - There are a couple people who frequent Cross-X who did the camp last year. I'll get in touch with them today and see if they can paint you a better picture about what the camp has to offer. The testimonials on the website are from last summer's group of campers. We've had a bunch of sign-ups already. Yes, it is $350-$400 (we haven't upped the price from our promotional price yet). Yes, it is 10 weeks. At least 1-2 staff members are online at almost all reasonable hours of the day to work with campers. Feel free to backchannel and/or PM me if you have any questions. Scott
  6. I'm going! (We already have a couple sign-ups --- not sure if they post here though) Scott
  7. Digital Debate Camp 2011 - Extemp Institute (June 1, 2011-August 20, 2011 ) This year the Digital Debate Camp will be adding a separate program for both Domestic and Foreign Extemp! Most notably, the Digital Debate Camp is the least expensive debate camp on the market. For only [$349] your student is enrolled in 10 week debate camp. That is 10 weeks of speeches, instruction, feedback, and improvement for your student. We at the Digital Debate Camp believe that debate camp should be affordable and available for any student who desires access. We firmly believe this should not be limited to cross-examination debate, but should be open to all debate activities. As part of our attempt to extend debate to every student, our Extemp program will follow the same format as our cross-examination camp. This includes: - A lab environment established on One-On-One interaction between lab leaders and students. The day of 30 student labs is over: Digital Debate ensures that your student receives direct attention at all times and is never lost in the crowd. - The convenience of an online institute. A student is never inhibited by their travel or family plans. Digital Debate operates around the student’s schedule! - Archived lectures and discussions. Because of our medium of communication, every lecture is available for students to listen to any time they wish. - Constant availability – whether it be 10am or midnight, there will be a lab leader available to field questions and help students work on their speeches The Digital Debate Extemp Camp provides a full curriculum designed to drastically improve a student’s speeches and standing in the activity. The Digital Debate Camp believes that any student is capable of being a top-notch extemper regardless of their environmental limitations or current skill level. Our teaching method is designed to make students persuasive to the wide range of judges within the extemp community: whether it be grizzled old pros or lay judges engaged in their first debate activity. The highlights of our curriculum this year are as follows: - The Research Method: better speeches through better research - Working Smarter: how to effectively engage in the literature base surrounding foreign and domestic politics - The Art of Persuasion: modern techniques and styles for winning an audience - The Art of Public Speaking: the latest theories on how to engage any audience - Winning in the Margins: the difference between first and second speaker - Judge Adaptation: how to effectively identify with and reach your judge In addition to our lecture series, the Digital Debate Camp guarantees a nearly limitless supply of practice speeches and tournaments. A student will be able to give and redo speeches as long as they want and there will always be a lab leader available to critique and provide constructive feedback. Price: $349.99
  8. New promotion - Go to DDC for free! Intrigued? http://debatetub.com/ Cheers Scott
  9. Hit me up. We read this last year.
  10. New website. http://www.debatetub.com/camp The early signup discount rate will probably be extended, but if not, you have the rest of the day to get a discounted rate. Cheers Scott
  11. Will do, this makes sense. If there is a video policy, most tournaments put it in the actual invite, which might also be useful in the future. The only frustration I have is that I counted at least 4 other teams at the Round Robin video taping rounds before and after I was told to stop. Were they told to stop or was this policy just enforced to live streaming? There were multiple times where I even saw tournament personnel walk into rooms where video taping was going on after I was told to stop and nothing was said to them. Thanks Scott
  12. It is apparently now against Harvard policy to record and stream debate rounds. We're stopping coverage. Hoping to do this at later tournaments. Scott
  13. The link we set up between the server and my computer is not working. We're doing the best we can with UStream right now. Taking the ads of UStream is really, really expensive. That being said, Round 2 is up and streaming. Round 2 - Westminster AT (aff) vs. Centennial LM (neg) Round 2 - Edina SS (aff) vs. Greenhill PP (neg)
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