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  1. I am!!!! Yay judging kiddos older than me!! Probably back to coaching at Okemos =) Bala, Alan and I are all debating for Umich next year. Crossing my fingers I don't fail or do something stupid.....=)
  2. round 6 was suppose to start around 12:30ish round 7 will occur then the first outround after that.
  3. Maria Liu University of Michigan (accepted) Michigan State University (accepted) would debate at both, but need to decide if I will pursue college next year, or stick around for senior year 2009
  4. no debating for me here, but dexter and i will definitely stop by on saturday:)
  5. D1 Groves d Novi (2-1 Farra, Gjerpen*, Kesling) D2 Portage Northern d FHN D3 Mcbain d Brother Rice
  6. i'm not assuming that. I'm just describing my own personal experience. People are free to believe what they want.
  7. I don't think people should make comparisons about camps they haven't gone too. I've been to Michigan for two years--Michigan Classic and 7 week Juniors. Both programs are outstanding and cater to debaters needs. In Classic, there was a good emphasis on research and a good emphasis on skill development as well as practice debates and speeches. The lab leaders are always more than willing to help and are intelligent and provide a good, fun and learning environment. Michigan Classic also is fun in the social aspect because Ann Arbor is amazing and debaters gain exposure to other national debaters around the world.
  8. Mona shores defeated Ann Arbor Pioneer on a 2-1 in finals (Fisher, Patel, Lawson*) Teams that broke: Portage Northern Okemos FHN Seaholm Mona Shores Pioneer West Bloomfield South Lyon
  9. aznshortie161


    ME!! I AM!! i won't be there friday, and have acts saturday morning, but will be hanging out and hopefully helping novices saturday afternoon/night! =)
  10. 7 week is a pretty amazing camp, regardless of what lab you are in. There is a good balance of research, lectures, practice speeches/debates, speed drills, strategy formation, etc. I had the best time there--Ann Arbor and the campus of Umich is also awesome because theres a lot of places to eat and just hang out (yea law quad!). The experience is a lot of fun, with a lot of hard work. But its really worth it. PM me if you have further questions Maria
  11. dude, aspec won me two rounds. its not like i expected to go for it....it just happened. and i still have camus and all those awesome awesome disads too.
  12. hey, don't hate on okemos strategies. you run Kato, Brad. And Bala and Dexter, you run ethics, and politics.
  13. hey. don't hate. aspec is a good arg.
  14. bala is incapable of formulating any new strategies. we all knew that already.
  15. okemos novices will be going. i'll be their awesome coach for the weekend
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