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  1. I am a fan of the creek love fest going on. Here are my thoughts. Best judge: Ross or Stephanie Garrett Best coach: Stephanie Garrett Best squad/school: Kent Denver Best team: Tessa and Abby Best aff team: not sure about this one. Best neg team: Tessa and Abby Best kritik debater: Tessa Best straight-up policy debater: Harry James Best aff: uhhh Narcocorridos or Gitmo Best negative position: Neolib Most persuasive speaker: Tessa Most helpful person: Larue always has sound advice Most hardworking debater: Dylan Fastest debater: didn't see a lot of really fast/fast rounds. Harry and Chris are pretty fast Best debater overall: Tessa Novice(s) to watch out for next year: East squad as a whole (might be a bit biased) The best team next year: Really biased here... Squad to watch out for next year: also biased Funniest debater: Will Herbst Most fun debater to judge/watch: Tessa and Abby Rookie team of the year: Chowdury squared Most underrated team: Maya and Eva Most underrated debater: Anna Most improved debater: Anna Most improved team: Emily and Eleanor
  2. From Colorado the Rocky Mountain south District: Denver East Ally Beyer and Grace Montesano Denver School of the Arts: Tessa Finley and Abby Friesen-Johnson The Colorado district: Cherry Creek Dylan Robb and Jessica Li Kent Denver Harry James and Wes Denker The Rocky Mountain North District : Poudre ?? Poudre ??
  3. I am pretty sure i know all of them: From out west: 1 Moffat County team possibly 2 from up north: 3 poudre teams 2 Fairview teams From the denver regions: Kent JB Kent P? Littleton GW McSweeny and Janof GW John and Parker GW Angus and ?? Creek Robb and LI Creek Dymtrio and Greos Creek Kaprillian and Grant East MB East MS maybe a few others
  4. Hi West High school in Salt Lake is also looking for a judge for Golden Desert. Email me iandalton91@yahoo.com and we can talk about details.
  5. Jareth

    NDT results

    Quarters is: Cal BP (Aff) v. Northwestern FS Michigan LZ (Flip) v. Oklahoma GW Northwestern BK (Flip) v. Baylor CM Harvard JP (Flip) v. Emory IW
  6. I don't know the bracket but these teams picked up Bingham GT over Westminister MM Notre Dame TD over GBS BB Damien MM over Barstow AlLA GBS OS over Lone Peak WC Meadows WS over LCC BL Millard South over Saint Francis CR Saint Francis AP over Pace KS Damien FG over West LS College Prep LG over GBN SS Juan Diego BS over Barstow CM GBS WV over College Prep PY Brophy MS Over Barstow WO Juan Diego IR over GBN LM Gulliver MZ over Davis TT Lynbrook TU over Loyola PO Notre Dame GM over Bellarmine PrVl
  7. damien fg picked up over west Bingham GT over Westminister MM
  8. i know this was said before. but the death of your policy squad is not the failure of policy debate it is more the showing them the "weirdest" parts of the event first before the learning of the basics. as for the varsity members of your squad. did they attend a camp? And the use of Disadvantages is probably the most predictable thing in any form of debate and is the most real world. granted nuclear war isn't real world.
  9. Jareth

    Sad news

    That is so sad. even though we didn't agree on how debate should look like, i always enjoyed her as a judge. i will keep her in my prayers.
  10. Just out of curiosity why did you stop coaching this activity that you love so much?
  11. Jareth

    College Camps

    I want to say there might be one other camp... i want to sat the world debate institute but ASU is the best one and yes you have to buy there files.
  12. Jareth


    What are these awards?
  13. It usually is released in late june or early July. If my memory is correct it is released the first or second week of July.
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