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  1. One pair of Novice Aff's from my school runs that plan, they lose on T quite a bit though.
  2. Our novices are running a LSA aff with AIDS as advantages. Do any of you know if any of the camps put out good evidence for this topic, besides GDI.
  3. I'd also appreciate it. Devinmerget@gmail.com
  4. No. DADT is state imposed discrimination. DADT forces queers to stay in the 'closet' and thus silences queer dissent and eliminates the queer identity. That promotes the idea that heterosexuality is the only legitimate sexual orientation. Removing a law that in essence denies people the right to exist, or at least to be open about themselves isn't promoting heteronormativity, rather it is giving people the very right to oppose a heteronormative worldview. Gay marriage on the other hand, solidifies the heterosexual institution of monogomous marriage as the dominant lifestyle. Rather than promoting alternative lifestyles, the gay marriage CP just assimliates queers into white-picket-fence style relationships. Gay Marriage links way harder to heteronormativity than the aff does. and any good Aff would be able to prove that the plan solves for heteronormativity.
  5. I run a DADT aff and I came against this DA last weekend. A perm beats it in almost any circumstances. Having any military specific advantages also makes it non-competitive. This counterplan also links to heteronormativity. There are a lot of authors who explain that gay marriage is just an attempt for gays to assimilate into a failed heterosexual institution -> heterosexualization of gays is bad. blah blah. If you are going neg, don't run this cp.
  6. Vegetarian for Four years Third year in debate I like the K
  7. Most camp files have disads says that increasing recruitment in Peace Corps, Americorps, or Citizen Corps will result in lowered recruitment in the Armed forces, and that Armed forces recruitment is more important than the others. devinmerget@gmail.com if you can't find it.
  8. I have a favor to ask. I am working on a school project about School Drug Searches, if anyone would be willing to hook me up with some of the AFF stuff on that, it would be amazing. Just email it to me Devinmerget@gmail.com Thanks in advance.
  9. Feingold. His possitions on the Patriot Act, the War, Gay rights, Women's Rights, and such will definetly be enough to excite and mobilize the Democratic Parties Base. But he also may have some appeal with conservatives. He was ranked as the top Democrat when it came to decreasing governemnt spending, and was the only senator who was marked as having an agenda that actually decreased the size of the government. Hes also pro-gun. I know a LOT of people (hicks mainly) who vote solely on the gun issue. I think that going for a candidate like gore would be a bad idea. Its pretty apparen tthat the Dem's need a new face if they are going to win, using a tired candidate like Gore will not be a smart move for them.
  10. Does anybody have Heteronorm K?
  11. Margaret Cho says it best: "Start the selection process at the highest level tax brackets. You know it would end the war in seconds. No CEO in the nation would allow their first born anywhere near Fallujah. It's fine when the photos of the casualties of this war resemble a Benetton ad and not a graduating Ivy League class. "
  12. If you look there is a lot of on-case evidence out there about the peace corps not being an effective agency. Volunteers tend to have little experience or training, behave poorly in foreign countries, and are often put in dangerous situations. Critically, a neg could go talk about imperialism, development, or technology, though none are extremely strong. On the possitive side of things, the peace corps is often seen as a positive thing world wide, and looks good for America's image. Soft Power up.
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