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  1. I'm sick of there being eight million threads on this general topic, so I am making there only be one thread. All cases for the Michigan Varsity State tournament which have been disclosed on any of the threads is consolidated here. I make no claim regarding the efficacy of the content of the list. -- Dan. Divison 1: DCD - DADT (kid from Dexter) Groves -- Draft, WIC, Space (that annoying kid) East Kentwood -- DADT (that annoying kid) FHC – Condition immigration requests on armed service, fasching (Neal Valley); Outsource combat ops to OCP (pete battey) Milford Holt - DADT (maria liu) Dakota – WIC (pete battey); Animals (some kid) Midland -- Americorps/Clark proposal (kid from seaholm) Novi -- Peace Corps (that annoying kid) Okemos - WIC (that annoying kid) Ike -- Coast Guard (that annoying kid) South Lyon -- DADT (that annoying kid) Troy -- Linguists LSA (that annoying kid) West Bloomfield -- DADT (that annoying kid); service learning (craig hennigan) Division 2: Seaholm – Fire Corps (kid from gaylord) Cadillac – Fire Corps, Senior Corps (kid from gaylord) Dearborn Dexter – Citizen Corps (russ1337) Farmington EGR – National Guard (kid from gaylord); Citizen Corps w/ Radio Operators (some kid) East Lansing Gaylord – Peace Corps (kid from gaylord) FHN Northview – National Guard (kid from gaylord); WIC, Cavalry (Overbeek) Holland Dow – Draft (kid from gaylord); Coast Guard (russ1337) Mona Shores – Fire Corps (kid from gaylord) Petosky – Fire Corps, Senior Corps (kid from gaylord) PorNo – Draft (kid from gaylord) Division 3: Andover Brother Rice Elk Rapids Frankenmuth GRCC GR South Xtian Hamilton Holland – DADT through Congress, lesbian baiting and militarism (maria liu) Manton McBain Wayland ----------------------------- In preperation for States, I thought we could start off a case list. This is the intel so far, as far as we know. List your teams case and others that you may know of. Gaylord: Peace Corps Cadillac: Firecorps/ Senior Corps Petosky: Firecorps/ Citizen Corps Dexter: Grand Rapids, Northview: National Guard Grand Rapids, Kenowa Hills: National Guard Birmingham, Seaholm: Firecorps Traverse City Central: Grand Rapids, Forest Hills Central: Portage Northern: Draft Muskegon, Mona Shores: Firecorps Farmington: Traverse City West: Peace Corps Midland, HH Dow: Draft Holland: Utica: Dearborn:
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