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  1. One DI from Sunflower is K'Anna Jones from Kapaun Mt. Carmel
  2. ACdebate

    Extemp TOC

    Not too sure...but I know Matt and I have been accepted into the tournament. Maybe because debate is more of a hot button issue...idk.
  3. ACdebate

    Extemp TOC

    Extemp is a separate issue
  4. ACdebate

    Wichita C.F.L.

    This is how Extemp went down: 1. Hogan, Lyons * 2. Carlson, Kapaun* 3. Coleman, W Northwest (Policy) 4. Donnell, Goddard* 5. ?, Lyons (Oration) 6. Ojile, Kapaun*
  5. Does anyone have last years Northwestern camp file? If so pm me.
  6. ACdebate


    I agree with that sentiment, I sang "Put on a Happy Face" one time and it works out nicely.
  7. 5A Order: 1. Emporia 2. Bishop Miege 3. Kapaun
  8. How many teams qualify for state out of this regional?
  9. Wichita Trinity is not a Catholic school. Actually, Kapaun Mt. Carmel is the only Catholic school in the CFL Diocese. You could contact Bishop Carroll, they have a debate program, and are also a Catholic school.
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