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  1. Hi, I did CX the first three years of high school, but was never a great debater. The policy program died at my school my senior year so I did not get to compete my senior year. The past two and a half years I have been at schools that did not have debate programs, but i am transferring to a school with a competitive program in the Spring. Questions: 1) What are the rules for Novice, JV, and Open eligibility in college? 2) Are there any particular things I should be doing to get ready to be doing policy again? 3) Are there any camps for college debaters you would recommend? 4) What is the difference between the NDT and CEDA? Thanks
  2. Daniel Riggs - Matt Young Barbers Hill Kalen Baker - Anita Villalpando Barbers Hill Hannah Fry - Ana Grande Burleson High School Emily Hales - Brandy Delano Burleson High School Andrew Murray - Alex Nasr Colleyville Heritage High School Lyndon Lee - John Wilbur Colleyville Heritage High School Raheem Ismaili - Heather Wong Colleyville Heritage High School Kevin Zou - Shariq Hirani Colleyville Heritage High School Risha Bhattacharjee - Erika Provost Coppell High School Tyer Bagley - Joe Donaghy Coppell High School Sonali Kalvala - Priyanka Krishnamurthy Coppell High School Justin Wu - Drew Hull Coppell High School Sarah Mithani - Farah Mithani Coppell High School Aaron Renaud - Matt Amos Decatur High School Sebastian Awa - Sherman Redmond Desoto High School Jennifer Centeno - Cynthia Quintana Desoto High School Stormee Massey - Lauren Fuhr Flower Mound High School Farhad Mirzadeh - Shelby Pryor Grapevine High School David Jagneaux - Eric Wey Grapevine High School Jacob Quinn - Amy Schade Grapevine High School Mark Schmitz - Sebastian Barnes Grapevine High School Priya Krishna - Arnav Kejriwal Greenhill School Nupi Bhushan - Anna Litman Greenhill School Kush Patel - Chris Patterson Greenhill School Rebecca Drapkin - Avantika Banerjee Greenhill School Paul Shipman - Dillon Lucas Hebron High School Micah Parnell - James Juhng Hebron High School Samuel LeCates - Trey Deitch Highland Park (Dallas) Collin Poirot - Rett Young Highland Park (Dallas) Dan Charles - Steven Houghton Highland Park (Dallas) Bradley Craig - Albert Karam Jesuit College Prep Charlie Minato - Carson Young Jesuit College Prep Joel Diamond - Sterling Johnson Jesuit College Prep Taylor Fellwock - Andrew Miller Jesuit College Prep Jerry Benavides - Ryan Gorman Jesuit College Prep Hunter McCullough - Caleb Braun Joshua High School ALEX BECERRA - JOE BEHM Law Magnet High School ZAVIER WINGHAM - COLTON DONICA Law Magnet High School HARVEY LUNA - LUCERO PINA Law Magnet High School SARAH DELGADO - FEYSEL ABDULKAF Law Magnet High School BRITTANY WILLIAMS - ALI CAMERON Law Magnet High School Neeraj Bhatia - Katherine Johannes Newman Smith High School Jacob Wikman - Rishee Batra St. Mark's School of Texas Connor Theilmann - Larry Tran St. Mark's School of Texas Aly Mithani - Jay Juster St. Mark's School of Texas Stephen Li - Rishi Das St. Mark's School of Texas Max Grunewald - Kevin Hale St. Mark's School of Texas Roland Salatino - Jonathan Chen St. Mark's School of Texas Jack Lindsey - Sam Box St. Mark's School of Texas
  3. Jonathan Wang - Bekah Boyer Colleyville Heritage High School Virinchi Kanneganti - Lyndon Lee Colleyville Heritage High School Brittany Ramos - Pavan Krishnamurthy Coppell High School Kris Chiravuri - Vijay Raghunathan Coppell High School Risha Bhatttacharjee - Ahmer Mirza Coppell High School Bob Barber - Staci Travis Frisco High School Mike Gajewsky - Emily Hall Grapevine High School Tonia Beglari - Julian Melendez Grapevine High School Shelby Pryor - Elaine Lin Grapevine High School Eric Frazier - Farhaud Mirzadeh Grapevine High School Aaron Belcher - David Jagneaux Grapevine High School Nupi Bhushan - Priya Krishna Greenhill School Rebecca Drapkin - Morgan Fine Greenhill School Judith Vasquez - Anna Litman Greenhill School Sammy Sommerman - Jacy Tackett Highland Park (Dallas) Derek Liles - Rich Graham Jesuit College Prep Michael Haskins - John Hill Jesuit College Prep Christian Calilung - Anthony Austin Jesuit College Prep Charlie Minato - Hunter Rees Jesuit College Prep Bradley Craig - Matthew Loera Jesuit College Prep Albert Karam - Lucas Blum Jesuit College Prep Ian Sport - Haley Castro Joshua High School SONIA RAMIREZ - SARAH DELGADO Law Magnet High School MOISES HERNANDEZ - FEYSEL ABDULKAF Law Magnet High School Jordan Blumenthal - Swayze Smartt St. Mark's School of Texas Alex Gulakov - Stephen Li St. Mark's School of Texas
  4. How much do you imagine the updates file will be?
  5. I imagine the exact opposite will happen now that Democrats have control.
  6. Anyone going to Hockaday the 10th and 11th?
  7. I need both of these. Willing to trade heavily. Email, PM, or AIM. Bob
  8. AIDS- "The United States federal government should establish a policy substantially increasing the number of persons serving in Learn and Serve America by redirecting all abstinence-only funds into comprehensive service learning secondary public school sexual education programs" Advantages: Lucy Lose Her Reputation (Fem), Albert Aids (AIDS), Homophobes are Mad Cause They Can't Get Laid (Heterosexism), and Dirty Europeon Sex (EU). MARSHALL - The Plan passes Marshall and Magee's 5 point "Voluntary path to universal service". The five points are: 1. Replace selective service with national service 2. Expanding Americorps 3. Citizen Soldier Recruiting 4. Links federal student aid to national service. 5. Replaces work study with serve study. ADVANTAGES - Cohesion, Democracy, Polarization, Terrorism, US-China competition I am looking for these two affs. Not sure who put them out. Need them ASAP. AIM, PM, or Email.
  9. BobFriscoDebater


    Has anyone seen this team before? Heard of them?
  10. I'm curious... is there any meaning behing typing in different voices, or are you just schizophrenic?
  11. Nachos, energy drinks other than Monster, good pizza, water that is priced ridicuously
  12. Frisco is bringing one novice team and I am judging novice.
  13. Is there any particular reason why, in the Plano East thread in the Texas Forum, postmodernist22's post made at 8:18 PM isn't showing up?
  14. Who all is bringing novice teams?
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