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  1. everyone who has replied thus far: stop pretending everyone doesn't verb fiat anyways. the distinction between verb and noun has been blurred permantly. i say "fiated". i mean, what are your other options? anything else would just sound silly.
  2. hmm...would you also pay for transportation for californians?
  3. trade? i have various things to offer.
  4. ok so usually i feel pretty fine with the k but i had a round a little while ago where the aff was completely undercovering the case turns and all the offense i put on the perm so they had no hope of winning those and had focused their 1ar efforts onto winning the framework and their defense on the alternative and so, in my 2nr, since i knew the only things they could possibly win in the 2ar were the framework and mitigating the sucess of the alt, i decided to allocate my time rather towards winning the case turns that i could access even if i lost the framework, especially since the perm was a lost cause for them but, even though i clearly won teh case turns, the judge said he voted against me b/c he felt that their defense on the alt was sufficient and once they won their framework, it didnt matter. and when i asked him if he'd granted them full weight of case, he just said it didnt matter cause they'd won teh framework. their framework was simply that they could weigh the mpx of their advantages against the k. am i a dumbass or was the judge?
  5. is it better to overturn bell v wolfish and rule that prisoners have a fourth amendment right to be free from body cavity searches without probable cause or to rule at the next available test case?
  6. would like a bell vs wolfish aff. camp or otherwise, whatever. some stuff to trade PM me.
  7. good idea? bad idea? what are the best responses to it if you're running CLS on the neg?
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