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  1. thanks- i was looking for the results of this tourney
  2. maybe some sort of Development good scenario or spending.... also, just Topicality. chances are they arent completley T if also K
  3. wow!! soo many good songs on this thread... im listening to Suddenly i See by KT Turnstall right this second,
  4. I think we have stayed long enough in the war on terror. I dont know what the point was of going in, but as long as we are there, we might as well give the Iraqi people security and do the job right..... but i have to wonder whether the majority want it from the US or not. Also, a point was made that US credibility is low now, and that Bushs credibility is shot. Bush is only in office for another 2 years. then what? i believe we have to stay in there to show the world that the US can save its credibility.
  5. how would you answer a consult congress counter plan??
  6. I'd like to say that im against big, environmentally bad companies, but the truth is they make life easy.
  7. so what are some mn strats you see coming this year?
  8. wow. my brother loovveed him. like, his life goal was to meet him. When he found out , he almost cried i think. see, he is handicapped physically, so he watches a lot of tv and steve was his favorite. like, you have no idea how depressed this is gonna make him. Animals are one of the few things he actually cares about.. Even if he tested the odds , a lot, he still did great things for the environment, and truly cared. which is more than most people can say. To any one that thinks this was deserved, he made a lot of people happy
  9. 'painless really embarassing death or painful honorable one?' painless really embarassing--- because life is embarassing, and because if it was painless then it would be quick- therefore not dragging out the embarassment to long. besides, once your dead, what really matters is how you lived your life, not how you died.
  10. how about My student service worker in science???
  11. it depends... does it have to be my science teacher???
  12. what is a TOC bid? probably... 1000 dollars!!!
  13. and that means a lot coming from you.
  14. I have seen news paper articles about debate, but nothing on tv
  15. Ahh! sorry- everything i have said for the past couple of days have not been me!! believe me or not- im sorry for what my cousin wrote!!
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