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  1. krupit

    Micah Sacks

    Interestingly, we gave a birthday beating to a member of our marching band in your high school gym yesterday.
  2. I Dont think that strategy worked. As your lab watched movies, Izak and Cameron's lab prepped and dominated you guys, closing out the tournament. Even using the Contact Theory aff.
  3. GDI has always said that they will not turn students away based on experience, just if they run out of space. The only thing that your experience may keep you out of is the lab of your choice. That happened to me when I went there.
  4. Spanos, it will work for pretty freakin close to ANY case.
  5. krupit

    *Writing* Cards

    I agree its pretty legit in most instances; However last year I read a card from Bill Shannahan in my National Service K, but the card was from a file that he lead at the DDI, put his own cards in the file. I am unsure of the legitimacy of that exactly, i think he's qualified enough to talk about things like that.
  6. krupit

    camp affs

    The Space traders aff had a pretty high win rate in my lab. I won 3 of 4 and another team was undefeated on aff. And our Scholars team only lost to cards that were not in the evidence set or disclosed to us or our lab leaders But Seriously any good performance team would find a more personal story to them, but you never know YOU could still hit is this year.
  7. krupit

    camp affs

    You Missed 2 GDI affs Contact Theory - its the K aff in the GHS file. "Space Traders"/Theatre/Crazy
  8. Sorry if i sound condecending, however last year I debated all year and signed up for a Varsity Lab but was put into a "Varsity transition" Lab. It wasn't all bad though, even with some REALLY dumb people. It all depends on how many tournaments you went to, to decide what lab you are in. Nick
  9. Nick Antal Central Kitsap High School 4 week Varsity I have done every position multiple times(I guess i have most experience with double ones unfortunately)
  10. The Baudrillard File i have uses The Illusion of the End for the "Catastrophe" position, pretty much all the debate arguments are from either Illusion or Simulacra and Simulation. So, if you want to use Baudrillard read those two along with some essays you can find online. I have seen very little secondary literature on ANYTHING Baudrillard, you pretty much will be set if you just use those books Hope I help
  11. krupit


    Would the neg have to Roll for the win? It would seem really contradictory to be arguing the alt is to embrace the contingent and at the same time just tell the judge to vote for you. I guess if the Neg refuses to roll for the win, they contradict, so they pretty much concede that the contingent is something to be feared. Maybe simply saying vote neg without the roll is a link to the neg because they attempt to use the logic of the round to create a "Better" world without fear of the contingent while refusing to live in that world, thus returning their own discourse. Also I am interested in a copy of this file. so if possible you could send it to me @ nick.antal@gmail.com
  12. Last year lectures worked on a really relaxed basis. Every morning at like 9:30 and 10:30 there would be a choice of 3 lectures for each slot, you could pretty much go to any one of them you wanted, some lab leaders tell their labs to go to certain ones. They covered alot of subjects such as States and Federalism, or a Non-Trad demo debate or a Nietzsche lecture, there is a good chance you will find one you want to go to everyday. near the end of camp they started taking attendence at lectures to try to make sure everyone goes.
  13. There is one from the mental health topic that is Ironic @ http://ceda-ndt.uchicago.edu/hellaprep/banMaff.pdf. I'm expecting that people will run it both Strait-Up(more or less) or Ironic. There are probably better way to solve the !, but if you want to talk about jackin-off go ahead. Hope this helps
  14. The only application of Hip-Hop i've seen or used in a round is a Performative addition to an Aff. Pretty much they played a minute or So of Dead Prez and then read the 1AC, and used an Immortal Technique song that acted as a counter-K of the Neg's Zupancic/Nietzsche K. Teams usually say things like "Hip-Hop is Sexist" or "Hip-Hop will be Co-opted", pretty much make generalizations about all hip-hop. some people try to run a counter-rap, someone actually used Bob Dylan music against hip-once. I am no expert, I'm just saying waht i have seen.
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