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  1. i'm going to UVA which means i wont be debating..
  2. lol yeah.... probably the funniest award ceremony i've ever been to. good times though
  3. small turn-out for a wacfl 5... no? and we're supposed to get lots of snow/ice tomorrow in loudoun at least. hopefully that won't affect the tourney.
  4. which is why we don't run softpwr/ perception advantages.... we take the more direct approach i.e. disease, biodiversity, water wars, etc. it's pretty solid.
  5. its arguably inherent. we havent lost on inherency yet either and we've been running it since omnibus passed.... its really not that hard to win that a one-time funding of 125 mil is not enough compared to the plan, depending on what your plan/ solvency ev says.
  6. yeah we were sad we didn't get to come up there. it was originally a 2-hour delay so we would have been able to, but then they changed it to a cancellation so we weren't able to use the school busses. and then it was mostly just rain anyway, a little bit icy in some places but overall not too bad in comparison to earlier in the year when it snowed like 4-5 inches and we still had a full day of school. sigh
  7. soooo anyway... back to PFI.... northern virginia is expecting quite the ice storm tomorrow morning =/ hopefully we'll still be able to make it up there.
  8. sweet. we have the following competing at pennsbury: Me and Brittany Scott and Katherine Kelly and Rei Bobby and Mary Should be a fun one! See y'all there =)
  9. so.. who's going to pennsbury ?
  10. mmm not so much. its actually down route 50. so you would probably have to take 7 to 28 to 50 if you wanna start out at route 7.
  11. Natalie 08

    WACFL 3

    forecast for saturday= snow is that going to be a problem? kaitlyn im getting there at 8.
  12. oh nice!! brittany applied to like 10 schools... i think shes looking at like duke/ vanderbuilt/ upenn. i just wanna go to UVA.
  13. liz! you're moving overseas?? why... for college?
  14. Please get any last minute entries in by today... email them to me at smileygirl92090@yahoo.com or my coach ron richards ron.richards@loudoun.k12.va.us. Thanks so much!! I can't wait to see everyone on saturday.
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