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  1. not yet - email me: dakotacamacho at gmail dot com
  2. Hello Yall, I was responsible for approving membership to the PNW casebook for a few years. Ive graduated and am attending U of Wisconsin-Madison this fall. Unfortunately, I wont be able to update the membership as rapid as I used to. I think this is a great tool and would love to see it exist after I've left the post. Anybody interested in taking over this responsibility should email me: dakotacamacho at gmail dot com. Tasks: A) Approve Membership - you should get emails about this as they come up. Keep the Wiki Clean - sometimes people's intel turns into attacks on other peoples arguments. Just filter the wiki so solely intel is up and not value judgements on peoples arguments. C) Yearly Clean Up - even this is minimal. As the new year starts/old one ends - save the info on the wiki via the handy dandy zipping tool providing by the wikispace and then remove all the specific information and leave it open for schools to update new information as it comes. Really this wiki can become whatever it needs to be. My vision of it should constantly remold itself based on the needs of the region. I just ask that whoever decides that they can take over this position does so with the best intentions for PNW debate. Thanks dakota alcantara-camacho
  3. okay - is there really an entire thread for a two district state?
  4. word. sorry my bad gulakov
  5. www.myspace.com/dak206 peep the sickness and tell me what you think
  6. wasnt tryna do anything other than point out that there are folks on the list here that arent on the group thing. wasnt tryna put you on blast gulakov.
  7. chea boy filthy is a good thing and i dont know riley and ryan hid out from me i say its on you
  8. and anjali vats is incredibly amazing. shes gonna be a filthy coach!
  9. University of Wisconsin Madison Dakota Alcantara-Camacho, Rapping and Spoken Word Sun (cause yall shine like one)
  10. Guam

    CX Art Showcase

    http://www.myspace.com/dak206 peep crowned and hip 2 da game - some new cuts
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