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  1. I've been doing Workshops, Institutes, and Camps for a while, but it seems to not be on the list.
  2. Download Debate Synergy. It includes an excellent flowing template for Excel. Plus, if you're not already using a Word template with macros, the suite will improve the efficiency of your card cutting.
  3. Awesome thread necromancy - missed this the first time through. An eclectic sampling: 25th Hour Thank You For Smoking Amadeus Casablanca Stranger Than Fiction
  4. As somebody who goes to a "big school"....you are wrong. As somebody who went to your small high school...let's not pretend you were going to read anything other than Nietzsche.
  5. Thom's election analysis at the beginning was a bit shaky - but then Phil did everything but shout "death panels!" for the entire Medicare discussion. Give me a break.
  6. Round 7, Aff first: College Prep PT (4-2) v. Carrolton DU (4-2), Bowen College Prep YP (4-2) v. Lexington CS (4-2), Lamballe Dallas Jesuit GM (4-2) v. Georgetown Day HS (4-2), Emerson Georgetown Day KL (5-1) v. GBN PP (5-1), Joseph GBN BH (4-2) v. Kinkaid BB (4-2), Tribble Homewood Flossmoor GS (5-1) v. Damien FG (5-1), Phillips Lexington VE (5-1) v. Woodward SS (4-2), Kennedy Meadows WS (4-2) v. Glenbrook South HJ (4-2), Lanning Millard South GS (4-2) v. Pembroke Hill HV (4-2), Murillo Mountain Brook QM (4-2) v Stratford JS (4-2), Stahl St. Mark's BM (6-0) v. Beacon DF (6-0), Matheson Westminster Schools AT (5-1) v. Greenhill PP (5-1), Cohn I may have missed one, but unless Woodward beats Lexington VE, it should break cleanly to a field of sixteen.
  7. The following are attending - and as far as I know, debating at - the University of Michigan next year: Ellis Allen (Westminster) Brandon Caniff (Dexter) Lukas Hosford (Dexter) Joe Krakoff (Georgetown Day) Ben Levy (Georgetown Day) Will Morgan (Westminster) Alex Pappas (Glenbrook North) Marisa Xheka (Seaholm)
  8. Before the 08-09 season, one of the Michigan juniors labs put out a Nuclear Power Bad file with a whole bunch of meltdown impacts. Backchannel me if you can't find it.
  9. Look on the NDCA wiki and college's opencaselist for more specific "X war good" scenarios. US-China War Good, Indo-Pak War Good, Middle East War Good, and Korean War Good are probably all kicking around.
  10. Reposted for the lazy: SOM 1217 Cal BP Gtowm DM dheidt harrigan sears Warden Mulholand SOM 1517 Emory GN SMS FR Galloway Wrepko Murillo Feldman Mosley Jense SOM 110 Emory IW Cal GW Klinger Lamballe Stevenson Bricker Cohn SOM 1502 UGA LL Samford BG Stahl Gannon Bhall Sheidt Strauss SOM 2103 K-State MZ Kansas KQ Morris Garen Herndon Thopre Jarman SOM 2115 Loyola EM MSU HR Perkins Miller Pointer Morales Topp SOM 1508 Harvard KT Nwstrn GL Rubaie Harris Olney Carney Brovero SOM 1102 OU GW Emporia WW atchison Odikirk todd jordan Hester Albiniak SOM 2102 UTD BR Kansas KP crowe Pjohnson Osborun cramhlwich lee SOM 1107 Towson CK Baylor CM Blake Johnson Brockway Casey Sharp SOM 1117 Wake CM Gtown AS Watson Matheson Keenan Kallymyer Struth SOM 2106 Wyoming BB Gonzaga KM Gonzalez Anders Samuels Jshultz Zomp
  11. Michigan LZ read a critique of predictions last year based on similar theories. http://opencaselist10.wikispaces.com/Michigan+LZ
  12. Here's a bunch of Beacon videos. They're probably aff somewhere in there.
  13. Even if evidence existed for this, you wouldn't want to do it. Consult CPs are strategic because they're a one-sheet-of-paper strategy for the 2NR; you could end up having to cover a straight-turned disad or an impact turn strategy in addition to a usually complex and time-consuming NATO flow.
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