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  1. I also think the soft power K sounds very helpful. I have been looking for something along those lines for a while now.
  2. Does the USAID use voluteers? If not how does it opperate? I just don't know much about it. If USAID didn't use volunteers, then the trade-off dA Synergy was talking about would work. Also, the CP probably doesn't have to say increase budget, just say that USAID will expand or whatever. I havent' seen it, so I don't know
  3. It should be easier to be aff. You should use your 'infinite prep' to your advantage. I personally haven't lost an aff round this year.
  4. I don't specify my funding, this is for when I'm neg.
  5. My partner and I were in the fourth round of a local tournament. We were already 3-0, but we still wanted to win. We were aff and we ran our Senior Corps aff. The neg ran 2 Ts, a DA, and on-case with ageism and old-people bad stuff. We spread 'em out in the 2AC, putting tons of offense on both Ts, killing the DA, and basically said WTF does the Inh/Solv stuff have to do with our case. The neg knew they were losing, in their 2NR, they are rambling pulling at straws and they extend some card they had read talking about seniors having sex. My partner and I had not heard this card, b/c all their on-case stuff was retarded. Anyway, the judge starts busting out laughing. He is really tickled. He tells my partner, the 2AR, that if doesn't spend at least half of his time on the senior sex thing, he will vote us down. so my partner gets up, extends all the stuff from the 2AC that has gone basically untouched, everyone knew we won on every argument. Then he moves on to the senior sex issue. He goes: "They read a card that says seniors having sex is bad. Well thats just plain wrong. Seniors having sex is a good thing. Sex is a good thing. You like sex, I like sex, everyone likes sex. Think about it: if seniors don't have sex, companies like Viagra and Cialis will go out of business. If they go out of business, our economy will collapse. If our econ. collapses, we enter WWIII. (he didn't read any cards)." he then reiterates that we won on the Ts and the DA. I write on a sheet of paper and hand it to him. His last line is: "Vote aff for Senior Sex!" The judge fell out of his chair in histerical laughter. We won, we both got 30s, and our reputation grew eminsely.
  6. Hey, I need these files. I have alot of camp files and some homemade stuff. PM me Thanx, Stephen
  7. What this would be saying is that the bill passes if the aff plan is passed. You need good ev, I know that, but the argument is for political stasis. When they link turn your DA, you say that their link turn scenario still leads to the impacts. The only way to avoid the impacts is with the SQ. You need a good U card with extensions, but this is just a way of double binding the aff into your DA. The argument is not bill passes no matter what, the argument is that whether or not the plan is popular or unpopular, plan passage leads to bill passage, which leads to your impacts.
  8. stephenpaul71301@cox.net Sign me up.
  9. I have one for this year's topic. It is from MNDI, if you need it, PM me.
  10. I don't have AIM, but you could use yousendit.com what do you want in return? I have a homemade aff I could send you or some camps. I have most camps. Stephen
  11. I need a good Spark file. I have most camps and homemade stuff. PM me or e-mail me at stephenpaul71301@cox.net Thanx, Stephen
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