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  1. shackelford, SCFI?


  2. Haven't been on here in a long time. But have they released this year's schedule of GSL tournaments? If not, when would that come out? Thanks.
  3. i think he just never got any christmas or birthday gifts as a child.
  4. yes but i can never keep the derrida cards contained...
  5. you know if there is one positive about my debate career ending it is that i can throw my old files in the fire and keep this place warm after all the snow
  6. yes 3 days of no snow... then next week it's supposed to snow even more damnit al gore.
  7. rs80606

    08 Debate at State

    how did finals go down?
  8. Best judge: James, Brent, and Nick Best coach: Stovern Best overall squad: Mead Best overall team: Mead MW Best team as the affirmative: Mead Wolfe/Myers Best team as the negative: CV Shellhorn/Koch Best critical debater: I guess I am Best straight-up policy debater: Wilson Most persuasive speaker: Lindsay Oden Fastest debater: Melissa Barker Best T debater: Andrew Myers Best 2AR: Melissa Barker Best 1AR: Thomas Best 2NR: apparently i am, avoiding being cocky Best debater overall: This is not a question that we could ever answer Nicest team: LC Faust/Rigsby Nicest debater: Everyone Funniest debater: Tyler Rigsby...and Chris Koch for different reasons Most fun debater to judge/watch: Melissa Rookie team of the year: Mead Coles/Ma and SGS LeDuc/Gunn tie Most underrated team: Gprep Cummings/Vo Most underrated debater: Lindsay Oden Most persistent team: St. Georges Laurel/Ellie Most persistent debater: Laurel Fish/Jenna Cummings Most improved debater: Skye, without a doubt Most improved team: Melissa/Skye Longest 1AC of the year: I think mine was, actually Best in-round event/moment: anything Tyler Rigsby said...ever. Freshman to look out for: Joe Leduc, and the Mead kids
  9. alright, this went up for the PNW, but now it's time for us to pick for Spokane...be honest Best judge: Best coach: Best overall squad: Best overall team: Best team as the affirmative: Best team as the negative: Best critical debater: Best straight-up policy debater: Most persuasive speaker: Fastest debater: Best T debater: Best 2AR: Best 1AR: Best 2NR: Best debater overall: Nicest team: Nicest debater: Funniest debater: Most fun debater to judge/watch: Rookie team of the year: Most underrated team: Most underrated debater: Most persistent team: Most persistent debater: Most improved debater: Most improved team: Longest 1AC of the year: Best in-round event/moment: Freshman to look out for:
  10. get your novices to go get congress people to warm body in policy get ANYBODY to do policy i don't care what you do, let's just get teams to the tournament!
  11. cool we have 1. haha i am thinking i may be able to push a 2nd team tho. anybody know how many teams we need to qualify 2 and 3?
  12. Hey everybody it's time to get teams into varsity for nat quals so we can qualify as many teams as possible!
  13. Foley has been cancelled. Thus, because multipliers have been adjusted, the standings are as follows: 1. Mead Andrew Myers/Thomas Wolfe--12 2. Central Valley Rusty Shellhorn/Chris Koch--10 3. Mead Melissa Barker/Skye Gregory/Myers--6.5 4. Gonzaga Prep Jenna Cummings/Thuy-Anh Vo--6.25 5. Lewis and Clark Wilson Faust/Tyler Rigsby/Bosshardt--5.75 6. St.George's Vimal Vaderah/Galen Wright--3.5 7. Gonzaga Prep Nick Ward/Kathleen Shrader--3 8. St.George's Laurel Fish/Ellison Stagaman--2.25 9. Lewis and Clark Tyler Rigsby/Chris Raver--2 10. St.George's Joe LeDuc/John Gunn--1.25 these are not official....but 99%
  14. (berkeley)harvard/foley/natquals 3 weekends in a row...going to be terrible
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