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  1. What are some of the net benefits?
  2. Whats a file i would like your rar file is there anything you need? Thanks, 2leftsocks
  3. No reason to neg rep me assholes i was going to trade you for it!
  4. I need some Coast Guard neg just PM me or email me at hebert_phillip@yahoo.com
  5. I need a F-SPEC file. pm me and we can set up a trade.
  6. "GAYTEST muthafucka ever, he asks a question and you just want his god damn file, cut your own shit fuckface, or atleast ans his qt then ask for a trade mega douchebag bitchfacetits" -neg rep i got What ever pussy that left me this rep without a name shouldn't leave neg rep that makes him look like an uneducated dumbass.
  7. When you are done putting this together I would like to have it. Even if you are not done I would like to have what you already put together. PM me and we can set up a trade.
  8. Does anyone have this CP and answers to it. PM me and we can set up a trade.
  9. does anyone have a border patrol aff. i am looking for a few different versions. if you have one just send me a pm and we can set up a trade.
  10. hells yeah. it is good to have something to look at every now and then though.
  11. Because there's already a clock on the oven.
  12. who cares she should have been in the kitchen
  13. ah sweet we have one novice team and they look promising.
  14. oh i am posting right now what do you mean if i dont post in a day literally or am i suppose to post something specific. edit:here is my email hebert_phillip@yahoo.com
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