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  1. ....oh Sohail, junior high is over...get over your adolescent grudges
  2. trust me this is a skewed sampling...and personal grudges don't have weight in my judging philosophy, so don't worry about it.
  3. If Jason wants to debate at Columbia, tell him to look up Shree Asware on this forum. He's the president of the Columbia Debate team.
  4. debaterness88


    what texas school is it?
  5. I hear Pembroke is reading Securitization and Hiedegger -- could I get some cites if this is true. Thanks.
  6. Well, Columbia as split off from the Impact Coalition and joined The New School, but its still a solid program with a lot of talented debaters.
  7. sounds familiar actually -- something about constitutive lack or some shit like that.....
  8. pshhhhhhhhh.......Ks suck! I hear that Columbia guy reads random shit about land....do you know him shree?
  9. What just because a "lay" judge didn't think you won, they're wrong...sort of self-fulfilling prophecy isn't it - that you're only warrant for why the decision was bunk was because the "flow" sat which means that the fact the lays are lays, they are automatically wrong...but that argument becomes problematic, when dare i say it, lays make the right decision and vote with the "flows" Kid, debate is about winning all types of judges...not just the ones who understand your jargon. Its also not cool to subliminally discredit a team who apparently convinced 66% of the judges in that round that their argument was better....
  10. Why don't you work with Northwestern. Sort of the Wellesley/Harvard set up?
  11. Its all good. I know you were joking.
  12. I was born in the United Arab Emirates....Have Turkish lineage...
  13. You could try talking to the emory team if anyone would be interested in coaching.
  14. w/e. this is pointless -- you just convinced me that this isn't an argument worth having.
  15. don't be philosophical. there is a stigma that is commonly associated with the word terrorist, and it has to do with those of middle eastern decent. Additionally, if that wasn't a reference to my ethnicity, then what was it a reference to. The two conclusions that I draw, are either a) you were in fact alluding to my ethnicity, or that your insults don't make sense. I am very much inclined to believe the former as there was nothing "terrorizing" about my discourse on this forum. Additionally, your response above , is a concession that you were in fact being racist. Yes, I agree, that ideally, terrorist aren't classified by their ethnicity but by the nature of their actions, but in this instance, you did not mean it to address the nature of my actions....hence it was rooted in racism and the stigmatization of my race. I'm glad that you have the mind of a critic, but in a pragmatic world you're defense doesn't fly.
  16. How is that any worse than racism? I'm not justifying what Keegan said, but still....What's your level of respect for dooley?
  17. what a loser. Go ahead tooley, keep "dish[ing] it out"
  18. Wow, that was low....even for you.....wow
  19. Nah, it wasn't a "comeback" I just wanted to let you know what you sound like. That's all. I prefer not to engage in arguments with stupid people. Have a nice day.
  20. I decided to revive it...
  21. well, if you did think they were nonsensical and unclear, you wouldn't have written them, now would you? duh...
  22. can someone share it, for those of us who don't have HBO On Demand?
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