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    Maine East

    Anyone have the results from double oct's?
  2. I don't know any of the other ones but I took third in Senate...way to go Hunter!
  3. time_stops


    I just want to thank all the coaches, judges, and teams that made DCI such a great tournament this year. I had a lot of fun, learned a lot, and made some good friends. Also, thanks to WaRu for hosting the tournament and providing such a good lunch for us all. This tournament definately made all of our hard work this year worth it. Once again thanks to everyone involved in making DCI possible, I look forward to hopefully being a part of it again next year. As a side note; congrats to Jesi and Alex on their accomplishments two years in a row at DCI. You all gave us our most fun round we've had this year at DCI. So thanks and congratulations. Andrew Allsup
  4. Congrats to all who qualified. It was a good tournament despite Trevor and my bad luck. Have fun and represent West Kansas well.
  5. time_stops

    DCI Apps

    I need the T-High tab sheet for "champ"...if anyone has it please hit me up with a pm...
  6. I heard that Alex Bonnet was going to make a comback, debate maverick, and qualify in all three positions for both NFL and CFL....but thats just a rumor I heard...
  7. Scu, i don't know specifically what justification arguments you are talking about but against state j, and ngo j, its easy just to read counterplan answers to them respectively. Considering that the evidence that people read with them is usually just counterplan solvency (at least thats how people do it here). I don't know if this helped or not but those are just the common justification arguments around here.
  8. LOL Lyk3 OmG f0 r3aLzz?? LOL r u f0r s3r!0us LOLOMGWTF
  9. time_stops


    I can't speak for trevor but on my behalf i think its time that i admit to the debate community that i have an alien fetish. Im sorry if i disappointed anyone. My utility extends to all sentient creatures.
  10. time_stops


    Haha, yea we unfortunately did face a little unexpected bad luck but eh you win some and you lose some i guess. Unfortunately it was the latter of the two for us in semi's. And don't worry man you werent the only one who dropped all their extinction impacts against us...in fact we didn't hit any teams that claimed extinction out of the 1AC
  11. time_stops


    Emporia closed out their semi's round and Hutch Allsup/Curiel is dropped by Garden City so finals is/was Garden City vs Emporia
  12. Sorry for the delayed response. Tim: The varsity division is going to be real varsity, we have will have a really good line-up of judging for the division as it looks. Mr. Bill: I don't know the exact details of the novice division, I think the answers you are looking for are easier sought by emailing Mr. Nelson. I hope i could help.
  13. What were the final results?
  14. I see fast debate as just another interest that people partake in. Some people like slow debate and others like fast debate. Some love to have a solid critical strat while others prefer counterplan and/or politics debates. Its just a taste that one finds while participating. Its not so much eilitism as it is a different interest that falls under the umbrella of debate as an activity. Some people take it to elitist extremes (on both ends, slow and fast) but i think most just want to debate the way that they feel most comfortable.
  15. Hutchinson will be hosting the Tom Kelly Debate Tournament October 13-14 this year. We will have Varsity, Open, and Novice divisions. I encourage anyone to come and participate. Also if you are interested in judging hit us up, the more the merry merrier. Thanks.
  16. I agree with Rayl. All the rounds i judged were pretty good for being a first time out.
  17. Can someone repost a sendspace or yousendit link, the one above is no longer active.
  18. I see those math skills you are learning at Swarthmore are comming in handy...
  19. Haha, if i had the drive and the time to sit down and scan over 400 pages of a book.
  20. There are a lot of camps that have gotten out that people haven't fulfilled the the obligation that they brought upon themselves to put the evidence up in this pool. Some of those include (but aren't limited to) the following. SDI FULL - Kurt GDI - What's A File MSDI - fuagnem JDI/MSDI Scholars - Brynden WFI 3Week - Fels UTNIF - Mike Warley Northwestern - Ben Katz ENDI 2Week - minh lam K-state 3week - the revolution Among others... I still do realize that some seven week camps aren't over until this weekend but those who have been out of camp for weeks now should fulfill their obligation by submitting their evidence to the pool.
  21. That may be, but none of the students that are in high school debate as of next year will have been in the activity during even one of those two topics. Though it may be a rehash for coaches doesn't mean that it couldn't be fun for the students. If anything it would be better to have a bit of prior knowledge on some of the subjects that would be discussed under it. In the end it seems, at least to me, that central asia would be the most interesting of the topics.
  22. I agree with Struth, i think Central Asia would be a really interesting and fun topic.
  23. Not all types of biopower are bad so any evidence that you find that said it is good probly won't be indicting the forms of biopower that the critique will be addressing. Rather you should be looking for cards that say that foucault, agamben, [insert other biopower author here] is wrong (and make sure you can explain why). Then find some solid offense to put on the alternative, like i think there is some evidence out there that says that Foucault doesn't preclude state action and that he utilizes totalizing concepts while prohibiting them, and then you should always put some kind of perm on the criticism. But as for "biopower good" cards i don't think they will say what they need to in order to win the round for you because its going to be hard to defend that some of the coercive and disciplinary power that foucault talks about is actually good.
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