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  1. Hello! I'm starting up The Reliable Source Project (thisisareliablesource.com, we're under construction but you can check it out now), a website dedicated to providing coaching for novices who lack it. If you are interested in helping out with debate theory as a contributor, you may want to message me. We have a number of projects in the works (including an evidence-cutter chrome bookmarklet), but the main thing we need right now are willing writers and editors for research files and debate theory articles. For now, that's it! If you want to break out your understanding of debate theory and help other debaters, shoot me an email (preferably with some demonstration of your knowledge of debate theory) at ale35@georgetown.edu, and I can tell you more about what we're looking for! Nukes and Bioweps, April
  2. Thanks for the reply! I read the same thing that you did. I was just hoping that there might be something more specific. I'll probably use MLA for the cutter. Thanks for your help!
  3. All, Anyone have a sample K that is built solidly and shows all the parts of the standard K clearly? I'm looking for a really clear, basic K to use for an introductory lecture set. And yes, I realize this is probably a quixotic quest for an oxymoron, but if anyone has any samples, I would appreciate it. April
  4. Hit them with something hard... Short of physical violence, explain that the NFL rules state that citations must be available for all evidence read in round, and that this is because evidence is assumed to be quotations from the authors themselves. Not reading direct quotations from the authors is liable to be considered a distortion of the author's statement (which is why NFL rules require that citations come in full form with context and without ellipses). Also challenge them. I have lost rounds from having read a tag without reading a card (it's a long story) but the point is that there is a precedent of failure to read a card amounting to distorting evidence. Good luck.
  5. Does anyone know what (if any) formal citation styles (APA, MLA, etc.) are required for NFL, CFL, etc.? A friend and I are designing a chrome application that will auto-cut cards (bibme style citation searching with a dialogue box that will hopefully export cards for you in-browser).
  6. We used to use the "cross-ex" game to recruit, where we would give new students a "this or that" style question (twinkies vs. dingdongs, pirates vs. ninjas, etc.) Where students would get to try out cross-ex in a humorous way. You might give that a shot!
  7. ^^ above is correct, although you need to note that the plan texts must be mutually exclusive for that to apply. If it is possible to do your plan by multiple actors (either public-private or public-public), you can perm the pic (which implies it's a really poor pic). Also of note, the aff can apply a theoretical perm to the pic, so long as the pic doesn't have actor specific disads/advads (which it should) without stepping out of aff ground. An intrinsic perm, however, will lead to bad debate juju. One could also use a "do-both" theoretical perm, and then claim the two are theoretically not mutually exclusive, and then run pic bad theory.
  8. Hey all, I'm a college junior, and I miss policy. If you're lacking a coach and would like some assistance, you should email. I'd like to help a team out. Particularly if you need help understanding theory or need some help building a 1ac from the ground up. Bonus points, if you are in the DC area, I can actually meet with you. Otherwise, I'd be glad to help you via skype and with case writing. Just send me a message. :] April (ale35 at georgetown dot edu)
  9. Hey all- I'm a college student in the DC area (Georgetown) and I used to debate in high school, and I taught the policy section of the high school class for several years. I miss teaching and assisting with debate stuff. So if anyone wants and pseudo-private coaching or to put together a free workshop while I'm here (which would be seriously awesome, but I would need help), hit me up. I'm no pro or anything, but I was pretty good in high school (went to NFL nats junior year). I'd also be open for helping people online via skype, if there's any demand for that. I know affording camp is a bitch most of the time (hint: WFI), so yeah. Just let me know. April c r y p t i c a c e @ g m a i l . c o m p.s.-don't message me on this forum. I just got on again to post this, I'm not a regular. p.p.s. - I'm also not affiliated with the Georgetown Debate program at all. So no, I can't help you out with anything related to GU debate. I can put you in contact with someone on the squad, if necessary, however. They are damn hard to find, but I know one of them.
  10. Hey fellow policy cultists. Since WFI didn't come out with a good general shells file, I'm really in need of a new generic T file. I haven't seen any passable ones yet. Please if you have one, let me know asap. I have a lot of general files worth trading if you need something too. Thanks. -Ace
  11. ...No, it's not.

    It's Boooooooosh.


  12. Okay, considering the resolution for this year: Resolved: The United States federal government should substantially increase alternative energy incentives in the United States. two considerations that come to my mind are: 1) Should the incentives be aimed at the creation of alternative energy resources, or should the incentives me aimed at individuals to use those resources? Is either option viable, or is there an intended focus on companies/communities? 2) What is the general opinion of the debate community with regards to the area the plan must affect? Certainly the issue of individual states/all the states will arise...Which is the legitimate interpretation? I'd just like to know what everyone is thinking.
  13. Hm. Anybody know if Worland and Bozo are coming? I was looking forward to another round of nuclear babies and Snoop dog, but heh. Oh, and do we have any more case listings for Wyo teams?
  14. My partner and I are writing up a new aff case (you've got to love those mid-season changes...), but we don't have a ton of time to get it done. I'm busy on it, but does anybody have an actual aff for anything to do with Echelon? Even a neg file, so that we can be prepared? Any assistance would be immensely appreciated. It's a little abstract, so we have absolutely nothing for it. We're going totally off of scratch...>.<
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