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  1. Or in song form: http://www.ironsheik.biz/Music/NEOCONLUVSONG.mp3
  2. Moreover, does unexpectedly viewing the lyrics constitute a legit rickroll?
  3. Definitely feeling the hype. But not enough to pick up the game at 12:01 AM or to skip school to play. You gotta draw the line somewhere.
  4. Lawrence Husick (Conestoga) was also on the panel.
  5. District 10: 1. Conestoga Bomze/Kogan 2. Conestoga Kaslow/Wanzitek Unionville is the alternate
  6. Ahhh, the fourth season finale....epic man. I don't want to ruin it but its seriously and tragically intense.
  7. Alex, perhaps you can help me with something. After reading No Future I still don't understand what produces the need to eliminate future's opponents, the queer. Freud's original conception of the death drive seems to be local to the subject reliving once painful memories despite the pleasure principle. Is it this death drive that compels those bound to reproductive futurism to terminate all threats to futurity's child? Or is it simply the need to protect a fantasmic future? Any explanation would be greatly appreciated.
  8. The author is Matthew Fraser in 2K3. I am looking for the "soft power key to heg" card. I think it the card is around pages 9-13. I would appreciate any help. Thanks
  9. Perhaps. Still though, what happened?
  10. Can anyone with a copy of the debt relieft aff from UTNIF pm or email me. Thanks
  11. Socratic0314

    Favorite Book

    I need to compile a list of individuals noting their favorite book for AP Lit. I would greatly appreciate if anyone could leave your favorite book and name. This list (for whatever reason) must also include qualifications for each individual so you can use this as a chance to brag about your awesome debate skill or simply supply a humorous repsonse.
  12. Socratic0314


    IDK, I think the "Word the Plan Correctly" CP solves better.
  13. Dude, how could you leave without saying goodbye. Congrats on being top BQ speaker.
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