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  1. LOL, I understand Neg, thats the problem here. The case my partner has was gitmo, so I guess I HAVE to go with that....
  2. Do you know Eugene Butler by any chance? I've been friends with him for years now and just found out about when he sang LSD during one of his rebuttals. In case anyone hasn't guessed I'm from Brookings, and as long as we're talking about LD I'm going to throw Alex Gilbertson out there for top LDers, just cuz of what I've heard about him.
  3. WDF is TvO? I know its Terry vs. Ohio, but whats that? What about gitmo saying that these people are being unlawfully held, BUT treated well. Then we could pull cards saying that having these members away from home hurts the family? I don't think anyone here has that kind of evidence.
  4. "Can you render me to death?" I love hearing that.
  5. I'm novice B, I don't even know what kritikal means. I'm going to look up NSEERS right now.
  6. Johnson/Tideman I have to go for my own people and friends don't I?
  7. Can someone help me with my affirmative case? I am attmepting to make an Aff case on Racial Profiling without the use of ERPA. My other alternative, the less liked one, is slimming down my 72-page affirmative case on Gitmo. I really dont want to have to mess around with that case, because its really not novice-B intended. So I guess I'm looking for 2 answers, which case should I run and if the RP how can I make it non-ERPA?
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