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  1. Hire me for NCFL Nationals in Washington, DC, May 28-29. Transport/lodging not needed, I'm a DC local. Kenton.Ngo@gmail.com
  2. http://www.reuters.com/article/topNews/idUSL768040420080808 Washington (Reuters) - Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said in a television interview on Friday that Russia was fighting a war with his country. In an interview with CNN, Saakashvili said, "Russia is fighting a war with us in our own territory." Russian armor rolled into the South Ossetian capital Tskhinvali on Friday, RIA news agency quoted a source in the regional Russian military headquarters as saying. Georgian troops fire rockets at a South Ossetian separatist territory near a settlement in Ergneti, 95 km (59 miles) from Tbilisi, August 8, 2008.
  3. I'm sure grades are inflating faster than the Zimbabwean dollar.
  4. I also hear that TJ has a new policy that will boot anyone who drops below a 3.0 to their base school. Is that true?!
  5. Blog is on hiatus while I'm working on a candidate's staff (I consist of the staff for a School Board race.) Well, if no one but TJ shows up, someone's gotta figure out who gets first. It would be coach decision, right? Because you can't just let the round get debated, since every judge TJ brings is blocked from judging TJ. Pretty much what happened at Patriot Districts. WSHS shows up, grabs plaque, walks away. Other schools mystified by concept of, say, sacrificial lamb policy teams for sweeps points.
  6. Rest assured, Itachi, that Mr. Hyland knows who you are. Better start sucking up to the coach--looks like we've got lots of coach decisions coming up.
  7. Amtrak considers the NEC (which, it can be argued, actually goes all the way down to Newport News) not to be a long-distance train. I mean non-corridor, long-haul trains (the Zephyr counts, but is wrong, this excludes things like the Pacific Surfliner). Nope. Theirs is pretty long, though.
  8. Which of Amtrak's long-distance trains has the highest ridership? Which state has the lowest age to marry without parental consent? Which state has the longest constitution? Which state has a constitutional ban on atheists holding office?
  9. Measured by square feet of interior space, which state capitol building is the largest? New York's looks like a castle...
  10. Kenton


    The audio was all I had. Trust me, you can't tell a thing. I'll be better prepped next year.
  11. Kenton


    Yeah, that was me taping. The audio didn't come out so well, and I didn't get the whole thing down anyway. I've learned some valuable lessons... Spread + Distance = Blur Also, getting there early enough to set up in any meaningful way helps too.
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