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    camp affs

    I added Northwestern, SDSU, TSDC, and Wake CNDI Aids Aff Disabilities aff Heart of Darkness Malaria DDI Health Workers Sex Workers Female Circumcision Compulsory licensing Surveillance E-waste Global Gag Rule Refugee Aff Fistula Zimbabwe Traditional Healers Clean Water Lab Water Infrastructure Reparations Small Farms Solar Cookers DDW Aids Disease Surveillance Health Workers IPR FGM Global Gag Rule ENDI Global Health Services GDI Aids Early Warning Family Planning Global Gag Rule GHS Global Fund IPR Landmines Malaria Medflag PL 480 Reproductive Health Water Biotech Iowa Aids Family Planning JEDI Aids Child Soldiers Darfur Global Gag Rule Water Malaria Health Workers KNDI Brain Drain Global Gag Rule Medflags Water Biopiracy Digital Freedom LDI Global Health Corps MDI Animals HIV/AIDS Miami Patents Water Michigan Aids Medflag PEPFAR Prostitution Loyalty Oath Global Gag Rule Global Health Services Child Soldiers Landmines FGM Water Genocide Monitoring MNDI FGM Global Gag Rule Generic Drugs Genocide Global Health Service Landmines MSDI Agriculture ARV Family Planning Landmines MUDI Biotech Global Health Services Northwestern IPR Military AIDS Population Prostitution Loyalty Samford DDT Global Gag Rule Water SCFI Aids Debt Relief GBV Human Trafficking Medical Marijuana Landmines Medflag Water SDI Aids Child Soldiers Global Gag Rule Small Arms Water PEPFAR G8 Disease GMO’s Abstinence Biotech Disease Surveillance SDSU AIDS Abortion Poverty TB Malaria Brain Drain TSDC Malaria Ebola Gorillas UMKC Critical aff Lock Box TB UNT Aids Brain Drain Child Soldiers Circumcision Dedevelopment Disease monitoring Family planning Famine Global Gag Rule Malaria Oral rehydration therapy Solar cookers TB UTNIF Patent Disregard Bushmeat Sex Workers Food Aid Landmines Apes FGM Debt Relief MDG's Biopiracy Wake Forest AIDS Gag Rule Infrastructure Med CAP Population WDW AIDS Sudan Patents Landmines Malaria Disease Monitoring Water Bushmeat Nanotech Prosthetics Traditional Medicine WFI Bioterror Bushmeat Decondomization Family Planning Global Gag Rule Gender Violence Health Workers Traditional Healers Animals Unless I'm mistaken, I have all of these files if anyone still needs them -Hayley
  2. 3 Ts w/ interp, violation, standard, and voter 4 Specs ... yes, I know, but it was funny as hell 2 DAs U, L, IL, ! 9 No Solvency 2 No Inherency College Judges are mighty fun, especially when you get a slow-reading team with a studder! YAY! :Flame:aff -Hayley
  3. Go to http://www.vtunnel.com/ and you will most likely be able to access any website you want ENJOY! -Hayley
  4. Yeah, I know. All I'm saying is, they were so lazy as to not even change the header to say that it was written at camp. I'm glad they were circulated, just disappointed that people are so silly. -Hayley
  5. I know! It's sad. Some were even traded backfiles I wrote LAST YEAR. lol. -Hayley
  6. MDI. And try ALL the T files. Notice the header...? -Hayley EDIT: Oh, correction. They also stole the Emory file: entitled Resolution definitions...wow...I mean really, wow...
  7. I was looking through MDI files tonight and was quickly reminded the level of laziness that overcomes many debate camp participants. About a month ago, I started writing T files and traded those for other handcuts. Well, as I skimmed through the MDI files, I found, MY T files verbatim, down to the personalized header. Just a reality check for people that think all campers are committed and intellectual people. Laziness seems to be a common thread. -Hayley
  8. That'd be amazing if you world convert and upload... Thanks!
  9. Gates is good if you want to put a bit of work into it.
  10. That was my novice year topic! Yay UN! I'm glad that we are back to a topic where, "Little babies are dying...vote aff" can be the last thing I say in a round. Haha.
  11. Meh, that there are enough people serving to deal with the issue...
  12. Hey, if I could get sources or a typed version too, that be amazing. Thanks
  13. I'm looking for solid DAs with good link packs and neg for NCCC, CERT, Posse Commitatus, Urban Debate League, Illegal Immigrants, Boomer Corps, Border Patrol, Space, Robots, or any "complicated" and "odd ball" cases. Camp files are OK. Excuse the poor terminology here. I trade pretty heavily, so just tell me what you're looking for and what you'd be willing to trade. Thanks a bunch guys! hdmhusmn@gmail.com or AIM: haybaymae4smn2@aol.com
  14. I need a readiness DA with a good variety of links. Anyone out there willing to trade? Thanks! hdmhuSMN@gmail.com
  15. Uh oh now. No stealing our ideas. Or . . . or . . . we'll pull some crazy SMN stuff on you. You know how us North kids are. lol.
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