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    I stand by this quote. But i don't know where i got it. I love it though. "Any guy can be a dad, but it takes a man to be a father."
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    affirming or negating
  1. Dennay

    WFI 2006

    Im coming back to WFI! That was just an amazing experience with amazing people. Glue boy, i must say i miss you. Not to mention the Kanas kids. Everyone for that matter... well then there was Dash the Dooche.
  2. Hey Brian. It's me Denny. (Arizona kid) How have you've been buddy?
  3. Go wyoming, that place was so much fun. 'F' Arizona, i wanna live out there.
  4. No, im talking about unethical T's. I agree with you. But some people run T's that are so absurd, for example, O Spec. on the word "The". Or a pathetic definiton violation, such as, "Decrease; your in violation because your fixing the problem instead of reducing it, blah blah blah." Those are non-sensical... If you read some of the previous posts, you would of known what im talking about. So don't shoot me down for your lack of attention.
  5. never said it was, matter of fact, you can add that comment as well.
  6. I have done debates with and without a laptop. I can reasonably say that there is no advantage either way. Not a big deal.
  7. That kind of thought provokes boring, unethical, non-substansive debate. In other words, you ruin debate for me.
  8. Wow, sounds like another case that ruins debate of serious integrity
  9. WFI WFI WFI! Or Wyoming Forensics Institute! Wyoming Forensics Institute!Wyoming Forensics Institute!
  10. I agree. I truely believe that the current and future generations are lacking. I also agree with BRHS debate that the youngsters, now-a-days, are not being challenged enough.
  11. I agree, and i have no problem arguing T. I just wish i could debate about more interesting things in a debate besides the fact im topical. I know i am and they know too. Let me tell you i haven't run T once this year and the reason is that there was no need to. I believe that debating T, these days, steals any meaningful debate away. A waste. I haven't lost on T once this year either
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