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  1. Can one of you guys e-mail me, I have a couple of cite requests. Thanks a lot guys. jeremy.kreisberg@gmail.com
  2. JeremyK

    NY States

    Zach Baum was 5th speaker. I did not get a speaker award. And the state is good.
  3. I agree I went about this the wrong way, and Sabrina, I'm sorry for having to do it like this. Please understand... 1. I really didn't want to make false accusations, I watched the whole round and was pretty mad, but took cites by memory (because the name of a book like that is pretty memorable) so I went home and googled it and couldn't find it -- hence, I wanted the real cite. 2. If it was true that Monticello plagarized evidence, other debaters who debate Monticello and this CP in the future had to know about this, because it is unacceptable as a responsible debater for me to let people lose to evidence which is made up -- I don't even need to discuss the dangerous precedent that sets, no matter what the tournament is or what level of debate it is at -- hence, cross-x seemed to be the best vehicle for that publicity. Regardless, that was all quick decision-making, and I regret it. As long as every team, not just Monticello, agrees not to plagarize evidence ever again, I will be more than content with the result of my thread. Please, debate is a tremendously educational activity, and I care about it a lot; it's not hard to do it the right way, and research skills are half the battle. Respect the activity, as I'm sure you do, and win the right way. - Jeremy Kreisberg
  4. JeremyK

    NDT Updates

    Dartmouth BM, I think
  5. I'm very relaxed, but it's been a week and I still can't find this book... you can guess where my mind is heading based on that, but I don't want to draw false conclusions.
  6. Waiting. Please e-mail the cites. jeremy.kreisberg@gmail.com
  7. It was real, I saw it first-hand at the NY State Regional Qualifiers JV Policy Round (only 2 teams showed up, so one round for the qual to state -- Edgemont RS (AFF) vs Monticello ?? (NEG)). And you can't consult Hermione or Ron because the net-benefit stems from increased cooperation between muggle governments and the Ministry of Magic (that stops War with Voldemort), so consulting Harry, Hermione, or Ron wouldn't solve the net-benefit. My first post was just worded incorrectly -- the CP was Consult the Ministry of Magic, I only called it Consult Harry Potter because that's what was written at the top of each sheet. Cites please, just curious, still can't find the book. Thanks.
  8. If you are coming to States, I need the name of the book for your Consult Harry Potter CP, I wrote down "Harry Potter is Real: We Must Act Now" but I can't find it. Email = jeremy.kreisberg@gmail.com Thanks.
  9. Is anyone coming to join me this weekend at Iona?
  10. Just for the record, I have no association with this rap battle... but Zac did crush that kid.
  11. Don't forget about Edgemont SW -- the top candidate for an at-large bid in the nation.
  12. lets go edgemont sw, bring home that ipod boys
  13. JeremyK


    Why does Shanker hate on my boy Sklaroff so frequently? I really don't like it. I want to see them fight: Shanker plus the aforementioned frisbee vs. Sklaroff. I got money on Sklaroff.
  14. JeremyK


    Ian Hemley, even after his eating binge, weighs half of what Ian Webster's bicep weighs. (observe link posted by Waizer above... remarkably accurate)
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