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    If you are wondering I'm not one of the weird communist persons that has a massive store of guns in his basement for the revolution and lives on a farm in the middle of nowhere and makes all his own clothes and grows all his own food and yes i do hav
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  1. Sorry I forgot I talked to my speech coach Goff about Fred Phelps and he said that the anti-protest is exactly what he wants. Phelp's main goal is to get media coverage. I don't know wether he's right or not but yea just thought I'd put that up.
  2. Frankly I think if you want to go the Christian route you shouldn't judge him if he wont accept your criticism whether or not he is a christian. The Bible says in Romans or maybe Mathew I believe it is that you are not to cast you pearl before swine. What this is refering to is not critcising or judging someone, christian or not, if they will not accept it. Seriously back-in-the-day when i was like the traditional go to church every time its open kid. I toke a christian theology class and we discussed this verse in context of the passage and came to the conclusion that this was the meaning of it.
  3. Does anyone know if Duke has a college debate program? and if Missouri State has a law program, political science, or philosphy classes? (these are my main area of interest along with sociology but I already know they offer soc. b/c my mom graduated from Missouri State with a degree in SOcial Work)
  4. L-D in Nebraska isn't bad but its not really as advanced as other states. In alot of states the K is being run and topicalitly and many other policy idea are being used. Right now Nebraska is on an anti-policy purge in L-D. As far as competiveness goes it just depends on the topic and the tournament in some its as hard as hell (Lincoln East) but in other its incredably easy(North Platte). We'll qualify 4 people in L-D for the national tourney two from the north and two from the south. It will probably be some Millard West, Lincol East, Lincoln Southwest or Fremont kids. However I have to make a quick side note of the glory days of Nebraskas L-D debate. We actually used to have some phenomanal kids like Mary-Kate Marcanty(SP?) from Kearney, which by the way used to be the L-D powerhouse we won state 2 or 3 years staight and Rose was named L-D coach of the year. Also, there is the legend of L-D debate in Nebraska and in Freds own words "the best debater to come out of Nebarska". She was my lab leader at camp is a genious when it comes to L-D. I think it was her senior year that people said she went 150-3 which she said was an exageration on the wins but was nontheless close. But yea there's also Fred as one of the nations leading coaches in L-D. He Headed up a camp this summer and runs half the tournements in Nebraska. And of course Bunde, who couldn't love Bunde? He's not really a legend but he still is pretty rockin. If you have any questions as to the specifics of L-D in Nebraska just ask I've debated the circuit a fair amount.
  5. Wait so whats wrong with the direct democracy cp I found a few copies of it on some of our disks and it doesn't look that bad.
  6. Where can I get the Direct Democracy cp? Was it put out by a camp? If so I probably have it if not is there anyone willing to trade with me?
  7. Ok thanks. Yea and don't worry the one thing I decided after my first practice round with John is that I was defiently never going to ask him for help on with a K. In my oppinion Statism sux. On the plus side though I really do respect John as an upperclass varsity policy debater he knows alot about different cases and is good at explaining things.
  8. Yes but how many people are going to have cards that say that i mean one or two but not alot will. Besides you just say that at the same time Rome Greece and such were very advanced technologicaly and there people were all relitivly happy. O and i wasn't thinking it was a K just because it was weird I just figured it would have alot of philosphy behind it and possibly a good Alt. Srry for the confusion about that.
  9. I know the XO cp but what's the Agamben K about? I think I've seen it somewhere...
  10. Is there a K out there that says that we should move towards a one world government and that aff is stopping that so we should reject it? (Maybe this wouldn't be a K idk I'm pretty new to policy but i think it would be.)
  11. so then i think I'm starting to understand K's now but I'm not sure what I want to run. The rest of my school's policy team are running K's and me and my partner aren't sure what to run is there any good "philosophical and value-based" K's to run that are somewhat easy understand but not easy to beat?
  12. I'm brand new to policy(I'm a fromer L-Der) and my partner is a first year varsity we've survivied the first two tournie's having only hit one kritik but still we have no idea what to do against a kritik or exactly how to run one. I think i understand the basics, it seems like it's essientially the same as an l-d arguement but i dont understand the exacts likethe parts and things like perm and such. Any kind of help would be greatly appreciated!
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