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    moving on
  1. that will never work. your idea is horrible. patriarchy is always good, of course
  2. chinchilla


    i'll answer any questions. you all have my email.
  3. hai thar here is michigan 7 http://www.mediafire.com/?3xmwbvjhfhc because the other link broke
  4. rami left loyola. JJ left San Marino. JC is gonna be at ND, which is gonna be tight Damien, as usual, has 2 good assistant coaches ...lol la costa ps you forgot polytechnic you fucks
  5. actually we read chaplains also cocks
  6. east LA, calif districts polytechnic sm damien cg damien hr
  7. lacan's seminar XVII indicates that affirming something, even within the realms of imagination, constitutes trying to master the gaps in the Big Other. under the four-discourse theory lacan recognizes that self-styled radicals who propose policy options (the aff) represent the University discourse in its pure form. he says that in order to truly accomplish real radical change, we cannot advocate policy even in imagination. instead he says that Hysteria is the only way to produce real-world change. in the way i have seen this case run they don't necessarily bring up the idea of the truth event. they simply use the idea of imagination as a solvency mechanism because they concede that we cannot actually do their plan in the real world.
  8. how do you run lacan on the aff because last time i checked lacan hated those who try to master the gaps in the Big Other??
  9. can someone post the invite or backchannel me? a link to wherever it's posted is fine too.
  10. sorry, but cross-x isn't for trying frantically to get people to repeat tag lines
  11. in an attempt to reduce elitism and arrogance, let me just say that there are a number of good debate schools in the greater L.A. area. it's pointless to get all heated because NDHS or damien was insulted, or compared to LCC. let's all at least come to at least a grudging respect. that being said, i somehow feel the need to add that polytechnic has a debate program, and it's in pasadena. and just as a pre-empt, there's no need to start saying Polytechnic sucks, because i don't feel the need to "defend" anything.
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