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  1. always act like your winning and there is no way the opposing team could ever win. one time, in a semi final, me and partner were just completetly murdered by the end of the neg. block, however in the rebuttles we were confident and clear minded, and ended up getting a ballot, and good compliants from the judges.
  2. i know there is a thread on the first page already HOWEVER democrat and republican aren't neccesarily synonomous with liberal and conserative. i personally think this site is pretty awesome, and i'm equally curious as the next to see where the average debater stands. http://www.politicalcompass.org/ take the test i got Economic Left/Right: -4.50 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -6.26
  3. My policy debate season is over cause my coach wants to put her focus on the varsity, however i do have the option of going LD. i dont anticapate i'd get any help from my coach so id have to put my case together myself, however i have a pretty good idea of what id do for this months topic of judicial activism. anyway, i pretty much get the main outline (1 person, funny different portions of time for affs. and negs.) and that you have to have a value.. but the thing is, i would like to debate LD as much like policy as i can, and im not sure how much that could be. So if there is anyone here who has debated both policy and LD, or just LD who want to give me some basic tips, or inform me of the similarities/differences that would be great. Btw i live in the great lakes region..im not sure if thats significant but i know that some states have different styles than others..
  4. in my opinion, if you have the harms and solvency for racial profiling, just take that and over turn brignoni ponce (the border search exception case) because that case can expand to alot more harms, alot more solvency, inherency, advantages, and is WAY more topical. racial profiling is really the easiest case to beat at all levels, and border search is combining racial profiling with a ton more...though be careful since the agent is courts. I could help you out if you like.
  5. thanks for the replies they were helpful...i think i will continue speaking fast cause i really only mumble when i get nervous..aside from that, i think i will try to improve my cross-x, maybe write out some questions before hand. btw im a girl for those that refered to me as "him"..
  6. The USFG can't decrease its own authority? i don't get it... but anyway, if i were you, i would run a topicalitity every round. even if it isnt the best, or the Aff. can beat it, if you run it, you waste that much more of Aff.s 2ACs time...because topicalitity doesnt really hurt you if you lose it. aside from that, i have case specific topicalities for every novice case, so it's completetly possible.
  7. k, so ive gotten a few speaker awards but i really have no idea how or why. I speak fairly fast (for a novice) and try to be enthusastic...but my speaker points arent really consistant, and im not sure why. so what IS more important, being enthusiastic or speaking fast? getting through a ton of cards or explaining some? having a really good rebuttle or a really good constructive? and how important is cross-x? i know many answers might be, that they are equally important, but sometimes its hard to do both...
  8. i don't want to start a new thread but, im having problems with my partner too. now we have won alot, like every tournatment we've gotten in the top ten or top four except 2 or 3, so my teacher hasn't really bothered to switch us up or anything..and i guess i dont want to switch partners (we are very good friends) so i would advice on how i could fix the problems with out sounding too critical or like i think im smarter than her... ok so here are the problems: my partner gets mad when i dont say the arguement they give me. i didn't want to be mean so i said i simply dont have enough time. which is true however the arguements are also stupid and tedious (ex. the opponate mispoke in the cross-x and said like 216 or something when its 213, but id be an ass if i pointed that out when they only mispoke once and it was in cross-x) this happens every round, and immediatly after i sit down from speaking she tells me i didn't say it whereas if she doesnt say something i tell her to i say nothing, because its pointless, there is no way you could back through time. the other problem is she thinks she thinks and claims she understands things when she doesn't. she has butchered many topicalities that i have to waste time reexplaining in 2NC or 1AR. and lastly she has no knowledge of politics really or history...i mean she gets better grades than me and has taken all the same class as me, but when we hit arguements about say japenese interminment camps (as an example from the past) she doesn't even know (or remember learning about it) that it exsisted. and doesn't know what liberal or conservative view points are so when we hit politics disads its near impossible for her to make or run logical responces. anyway, if any of you have a solution to this, thatd be great...or just a way i could make up for her mistakes/lack of knowledge in a debate, thatd be fine too. thx.
  9. k so im a novice and i'd very much like improve my aff. now i know for disadvantages you have the n/u, link, specific link, and impact, but what exactly do you need to write an advantage? I have one speficially i want to write, just not sure how to put it together and what more i need. thx.
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