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  1. Evan, I was not trying to be funny.
  2. quionneac


    I don't think Ben was directing his comment towards any tournament directors. As stated, the NYUDL functions through overlapping administartive control. This means that when we register for tournaments, we don't do it directly through the tournament or JOT. So, those emails that you are talking about are never sent to the schools. We have experienced at many tournament not getting prefs and having judges who hate the arguments we run. Ben is just making sure that it does not happen at Lakeland. I don't think he's doing anything wrong. In fact, he's just looking out for us. And Evan, it is a long story.
  3. quionneac


    Ben, Mr. Fogel said he will send them to me Wednesday. I will then email them to you. Ok!
  4. quionneac


    yay. I have not seen you all year. What school are you coaching for?
  5. quionneac


    yeah, that would be helpful.
  6. quionneac


    Enough of the Beacon talk in the Lakeland thread! Can people post which schools are going to attend this tournament?
  7. Can someone contact me at quionneac@yahoo.com? I need the cites to an argument that was ran in semis of Newark. Q
  8. Usually the result sheet is already posted. If you don't know where i can find it please don't comment. Thanx I don't like smart asses.
  9. quionneac


    Ev, why are you going jv? you're better than that.
  10. may someone post this file for me? i know many people did not cut a file from this topic. so, a back file is perfect. asap thanx
  11. Hehehe. You posted a link that gives the name of the school thats hosting the tournament and the address. hehehe
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