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  1. And where is that from?
  2. Probably Gonzaga, but I'm waitlisted at Stanford.
  3. Mirth


    Bump Please.
  4. Mirth

    2009 NDT

    Lolwut? Seriously?
  5. Can you please explain how this works? I cannot comprehend most of the posts on that forum. Yeah, I have contacted them multiple times to request permissions, but they won't give me a library card. It's Northwest Nazarene University. If I was enrolled at classes at Boise State University it would probably be a different story.
  6. The school that I am taking concurrent enrollment class through won't give access to their databases. It makes me very angry.
  7. REND 102 Texas-Dallas BR Emporia State FL REND 103 West Georgia BS Emory PB REND 104 Oklahoma GW Kansas KS (A) REND 106 Towson CL Gonzaga MM REND 107 Wichita State CR Emory CaMa REND 108 Gonzaga HJ Kansas State AF REND 111 California BG Emory GH REND 113 Wyoming AP Marist LK REND 115 Central Oklahoma CS San Fran State EW REND 117 Harvard SK Whitman CZ REND 118 Whitman CS West Virginia PS REND 119 Idaho State JM Wichita State BR REND 120 Baylor CM Wyoming BH REND 123 Texas San Antonio TM Michigan State GS REND 124 Wake Forest CC Towson JM REND 125 Oklahoma KT West Georgia MaSc
  8. Mirth


    Anyone have the Facebook link? Permanent link?
  9. I think that Kosmach had some good things to say. He's right--people were getting too caught up in their losses. Some interstate discussion is going to help Idaho learn some things, it's what we need.
  10. This sounds like a good idea. How do most schools hire their judges, particularly schools from other states? Is there a list of qualified judges, with contact information, that is available to all of the coaches? It seems to me that debaters in other states have a closer relationship with the judging community. This may be a result of Idaho bidding for judges in a different manner. In regards to Idaho State, I don't think that they are the end-all solution to this problem. As far as I'm aware, they don't have a massive team that would be able to supply a lot of judges to local high school tournaments. Also, ISU debaters already dedicate a large amount of time to debate prepping for their own tournaments. On top of that, most the tournaments are quite a drive from the university.
  11. The différance here is that discussion is going to allow other schools to understand the concerns that other teams have with the judging pool, coming from both sides. I'm sure that both philosophies have relevant points to bring to the table--this discussion being a perfect example. I would like to say that, personally, I have done these things. Every single local tournament this year, we have hired very experienced judges with at least 4 years of debate of experience. At our TOC-level tournaments, we have brought college debaters (ISU debaters with 5+ years of experience--Thanks, Andy Ridgeway and Lindsay VanLuvanee). I don't think that the problem is that these judges don't exist, it's that schools don't feel the need to hire them. I'm curious as to the reason why schools hire lay judges and/or judges with very little experience. I think that it is important that debaters feel accountable for the judges that they bring to tournaments. If you wouldn't want a judge that your school has hired behind the ballot in one of your rounds, then encourage your coach(es) to hire someone different. Debaters also need to make sure that they talk to their coaches about this kind of thing. Yes. I completely agree with you. I'm not advocating that debaters don't adapt to these judges, or that they don't need to learn to adapt to these judges. I think that if the entire judging pool becomes saturated with only comms/lay judges it's going to bring down the quality of debate that comes out of Idaho as a whole, because, let's be fair, that isn't the way the majority of nation debates. And that's a good idea. NOTE: I am done with high school debate now, but I'm willing to do this with anyone who's debating next year and wants to practice. They may need to supply me with a partner.
  12. Mirth


    Is it possible to get this reuploaded? Or, is there another link?
  13. Minus the degradation of other teams, I feel that this forum is a great place to discuss this issue. I agree with you that teams need to learn how to adapt to their judges' preferences. (Although I think that may even be impossible with a few judges at this tournament who didn't even seem to want to listen to the round). However, I feel that the majority of this thread is constructive. Many people are trying to get ideas about how to improve the judging pool at many local tournaments. Personally, I don't feel that policy debate is intended to be judged by people with little to no experience, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't/shouldn't ever happen. Even if Idaho isn't an exception, I think that it is being left behind in the great strides many other circuits are making. No one can deny that attempting to attract more experienced judges to a tournament is a negative goal. It's also hard to deny that inexperienced judging pools do a poor job of preparing teams for the national circuit.
  14. My brother and I will be in attendance.
  15. What is the stragetic benefit of this aff?
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