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  1. ill want it also sargenpo90
  2. ill want it also sargenpo90
  3. ill want it also sargenpo90
  4. i wanna trade aim is sargenm90
  5. you can just run both of those ts you dont have to run just one
  6. they cant have our civil rights if they dont have visas and aliens definitely dont have them.(if they existed)
  7. gcsdebate

    ID Neg

    that is a good t ive never thought of that.
  8. there is no way to win every time maybe in your world but not the real one.
  9. topicality:it doesnt reduce federal goverments power it reduces the police power. i also have a good aff answer for this if you want me to post it i will.
  10. i live in alexandria ide like to see how many central debators are on cross-x
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