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  1. im in the CUNY at kingsborough, but i hope to be at bk college next year. ill talk to somebody soon, mabye come down to a meeting sometime soon and mabye see what you all have to offer.
  2. Krebs, could you email me about the coalition? i need to start talking to some folks about next year. micheal_dot_stroud_at_gmail_dot_com
  3. so seriously, this digressed but i still need information if its available. ive read every e-debate post i could get my hands on, but only came up with a couple of email addresses with nothin coming back to me.
  4. Damn fine job boys. but i told you that already. remember your roots b-lake.
  5. by the way, tsk tsk tsk @ regionals.... what happened kiddo?
  6. i heard that:felt like vindiction, but i was super sad for jimmy p... on the other hand, i thought it was great that he and lindsay got into the ndt...
  7. i recently moved to brooklyn and joined the CUNY. after scouring the internet for information, i still have no idea who to contact about the debate program for the CUNY, or any other flag to debate under for that matter. if anyone knows about who i could talk to for next year, i would appreciate it greatly. thanks. m.stroud
  8. Congratulations Blake and Conor. Congratulations Jimmy and Lindsey. Thats rad kids.
  9. Former high school/college debator is BORED after moving to NYC. I just moved to brooklyn for work, music, etc... and i need something to work on. I would be more than willing to do origional research/write files do updates judge at local tournaments, whatever. If your team needs someone to do some work for them, hit me back: micheal.stroud@gmail.com ps. ive got no reason to charge for work. i would be volunteering my time.
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