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  1. How come all of this isn't in the "Tourney invites and results" area? It feels unorganized, which makes me nervous...
  2. I most likely can. I'll get back to you later on this week.
  3. I would love to go judge, but I don't really have any means of transportation.... If any schools are going and need school judges please let me know!
  4. Ashley Anderson and I will be judging!
  5. My fondest memory of Trevor is the simple fact that he was polite while kicking everyone's ass. We lost a damn good debater, and one of the smartest people I've yet to meet.
  6. blind_melon

    College Judging

    My name is Molly Anderson Freshman at WSU, debated 4 yrs in high school, went to nats in debate last summer... I live in Wichita, obviously, however I really want to judge this year, so I will be willing to travel.
  7. Heyyy... so, I don't really know what I'm supposed to be doing, but I am trying to find an assistant coaching position in the Wichita area. Figured since you live around there, you might have some ideas. Let me know!


    Thanks, Molly.

  8. Yo, it's Molly. I'm trying to find an assistant coaching job in the wichita area. I haven't seen any posts about hiring, so do you have any idea what I could do?


    Thanks! Molly.

  9. blind_melon

    CFL Nats

    We said that sexist language is just as bad (or worse) as the ssa language, and since both teams used ssa, and only one used sexist language, they kill the most people....kinda lame. But for some reason it was voted on.
  10. blind_melon

    CFL Nats

    They ran 4 off in the 1NC (Pltx, EU Cp, SSA K, and T) The 2NC kicked pltx and the Cp. Spent about 6 minutes on the K, and the rest on T. 1NR was just T. We turned the K, because they said SSA in the politics disad that they ran. Kind of for fun, to get more offense on the K, we just went with sexist language. The 2NR just went for the K, but spent about 30 seconds on sexist language. Apparently that's what the judges voted on.
  11. blind_melon

    CFL Nats

    Ballin'!!! Yay for sexist language in the 1AR.....
  12. Molly Anderson Wichita State University Yes to debate.
  13. I know there are a lot, and I'll start with my own. A male friend and I decided to tell me mother that I was pregnant.... We had been planning it forever, and it was perfect. Unfortunately, another friend of mine thought it would be funny to let my mom know about the situation and turn it on me. I was unaware, so after the prank by myself, my mom flipped out. She started yelling and screaming and eventually started packing my bags and told me to leave. She proceeded to lock me out of the house for about an hour. I almost cried. That wasn't too funny for me.
  14. One time a judge just drew a huge portrait of my face over the whole ballot, and didn't write anything else. It was a good drawing though.... We won.
  15. I'm glad someone so upset about the accusations about his own coach can distract himself from the discussion long enough to make a Berube joke.
  16. Woah... Thanks Andrew. Of course, feminism is simply a "card," or something we bring up to win debate rounds, etc. Maybe the problem is that we don't bring it up? Props to Jordan... This whole thing is a mess, and I've chosen not to post. I don't think we should criticize Derek, he was just doing his job. The debate was getting too heated, and, on some grounds, wasn't necessary. I don't know if I would define this thread as civil, and as a mod, Derek is the ultimate decider. If this discussion truly had merit, maybe you all should meet in person, through facebook, somewhere where maybe the public won't see and get offended or make judgements.
  17. blind_melon


    Congrats to everyone involved. It was a great tournament! Everything went smooth, thanks to a great tab.
  18. Economic Left/Right: -3.12 Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: -7.85 Woohoo!
  19. blind_melon

    Flint Hills NFL

    Congrats to everyone!
  20. Well, I guess we tried, eh?
  21. So did enough teams sign?
  22. Yay! Thanks, this is a great opportunity for Hunter and I.
  23. Or our de-dev answers that we slaved on after Newton last year...
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