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  1. Counter interpretation: "up until" means south of - as in, direction on a map/globe. Plan must provide public health assistance to Antarctica - here is our P2 case on fireplaces for Antarctic explorers.
  2. Above all else, choose an aff where you firmly believe the plan is a good idea. I repeat, choose an aff you believe to be true. It doesn't matter how good you are - if you don't believe in the merits of your argument, you won't convince anyone it's true.
  3. Far better than what got put in the Sunflower.
  4. It is, but there are some ways to get around it. For one, you could argue T is unimportant as any kritikal aff does. Also, you could argue that public health assistance = assisting the Public's health (i.e. making a better society). You could argue FXT good, as well.
  5. It's based on (and inspired by) a news piece he did on aid to Africa - including food, water, medical supplies, and farming implements - being stolen by corrupt dictators (e.g. Mugabe) and how the only way to combat Africa's ills is to force the continent's leaders to respect property rights - either by yanking aid or attaching strings to it.
  6. I'll be judging, and VC will probably send at least one team in Varsity. Don't know about Open, JV, or Nov, though.
  7. Why do you think they use the predictability standard? *BA-DUM-TCH*
  8. It's not even as topical as the Stossel aff I'm writing right now.
  9. The only "stuff" that ASpec is, is the corn hulls that show up in your porcelain chili bowl.
  10. Kendall, that's some very, very solid analysis. If I come up to JoCo to judge this year, I better get to hear you debate ptix. Really, though, I can't disagree with you on any of those points. I don't have much of a vested interest in the Republican primaries as I'm a Democrat and the election is my party's to lose (which it seems is a likely scenario... again), but from what I've seen you're liable to be right.
  11. Tancredo because he'd be the absolute easiest to beat in November.
  12. Cook will sign the ballot neg as soon as he hears the name "Nietzsche" mentioned by the 1n.
  13. That was at Kendall. Sorry I was a bit late - I read through the topic and failed to refresh before posting.
  14. Andromeda

    [AFF] Landmines

    This is the case that never dies. The reason it never dies is that, like Korematsu (on privacy-based topics, and hell even on WMD), even though people know it's coming and have answers prepped out it still wins almost every time.
  15. My dad would probably vote for it in a heartbeat.
  16. It also happens, however, that it may stunt the growth/kill kidneys and livers.
  17. The issue today seems to be that Precautionary Principle is the default paradigm.
  18. This really is true. The only extremely bad parts of town are between Grove and Edgmoor north of Central and south of Kellogg. And even they really don't compare to East St Louis by any stretch of the imagination.
  19. The Electric Snake is, indeed, a great place for some local shows. However, the neighborhood isn't one I'd exactly take a bunch of high schoolers, much less debaters, to.
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